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Default Little victories

I'm a big believer in "little victories"; those times where you haven't achieved everything you wanted, but you inched one step closer. What are/were some of your little victories when you are/were dieting?

My first little victory was being able to fit back into my favorite jeans.
The second was when I finally noticed DEFINITION in my arms. For the first time in my life.
The third, related to the second, was having my arms fit well in one of my favorite shirts.

What I'm looking forward to is being able to fit into two pairs of pants that I have NEVER been able to wear! I bought them about a year ago, hoping that I'd lose weight and be able to fit in them. Unfortunately for me, I ended up gaining an additional 15 pounds! Ouch!

What are your little victories?
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My first victory would have to be making it thru the first week of my diet without going off of it....

My second would be like yours...fitting into jeans I haven't fit into in a long time.....all the while liking what I see in the mirror.
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My victory would be finally getting a pound less than 190! I've always been 190 or higher since junior high, and I finally broke that!

My second victory would be exercising regularly, which I have not been able to do to date. So I'm still working on this one.
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