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  • I think it might be a case of Collette knowing about Audrey and Jack...or someone else knowing about Audrey and Jack (maybe Audrey's dad?) about telling Collette to drop her name as her contact.

    As for Tony, I agree that he should have gotten the silent clock. I didn't believe he was really dead until the sheet came out. The man fully recovered from being shot in the neck in like a couple of hours!!
  • Audrey was definetly a shocking plot twist! My hubby and I were both sitting with our jaws on the floor.
  • Quote: Audrey was definetly a shocking plot twist! My hubby and I were both sitting with our jaws on the floor.
    I just keep rethinking all the possible how, what's & why's to this newest Audrey twist. These writers are geniuses!
  • I had to bump this thread. This show is sooo good! They didn't show it but I'm guessing Evelyn (and her daughter) were killed by Henderson also that poor bank manager. And Chloe is hilarious "Are you kidding? I'll write you a report" She cracks me up. Is everyone still watching???

  • I still am. Always a fan of this show, it's always good! I'm sad that the bank manager died an dinterested to see what happens next week.
  • They HAD to kill the bank manager. As soon as he heard the tape and recognized Logan's voice, I figured that he was doomed. Either he was doomed or he was going to have to spend the rest of the season running around with Jack and Wayne Palmer!

    By the way, where's Curtis?!?
  • I feel bad for the bank manager, too. And Evelyn and her daughter. Especially her daughter, I hate to see kids exposed to such violence (even fictional kids).

    I'm not sure about Curtis. It's only been an hour or two since we've seen him, right? Maybe he took a lunch break!

    Glad to see William Devane back, I really like him. He's a kick-a$$ guy; he'd make a great President next season... hint hint, writers! Then again, they way this season is going, he'll probably be dead soon.

    I just don't know what else can happen this season. There are, what?, 6-7 hours left? There is no longer a threat from the cannisters. I wonder if Kim's part is finished for the season.
  • I'd rather have anyone as president than wishy-washy turkey neck. I'm not a fan of his, and wasn't even before it was revealed he's a traitor. I'd love to see Heller as president. Too bad we can't have a soap opera twist and see Palmer come back. He was my favorite.
  • That new guy (can't remember his name) that's been on the phone with "President" Logan is creepy. He used to be Dr. Romano on ER, remember him? He's good at playing a complete jerk, isn't he. I wonder what he and those other guys have planned now. Who the heck are they, anyway?

    The airplane scene with Jack ought to be good next week. I haven't seen much of the previews yet, but I think I saw they actually did get in the air.

    Audrey kind of scared me, telling Jack to "Kill him" in her "Exorcist" voice. I like her a lot this year, I feel bad for her though. I guess her father is dead, but we may never know for sure.

    And who here thinks Aaron is gone? Dead? They'd better explain his absence before the season is over. I don't want another repeat of Tony's death, you know, one of those "he's been on since the very first season and he's an all-time favorite with the fans but we're going to kill him needlessly and we will never speak of him again" killings that 24 is famous for this year. At least Edgar got the silent clock, but the writers' compassion seems to have ended with that episode.

    (Can you tell I'm still bitter? lol)

    Cindy B.
  • I know, I love Aaron!! I'm hoping he's still alive, but I don't think so with his phone being left behind etc..