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Default GAME: Your wish is granted....

The name of the game is 'Your wish is granted' and the rules are really easy.

One person will post a wish like so....

  • "I wish that my boss would be willing to talk about my raise"

The next person will grant the wish, but with a bit of a twist and then post their own wish....

  • Wish granted...your boss talked to you about your raise and you are now unemployed.
  • I wish.....

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first post...

I wish that I wasn't so exhausted today.
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Wish granted... You can never be exhausted and are forced to run on a treadmill all day.

I wish I had a maid.
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Wish granted...You got a maid and she robbed you blind!

I wish I wasn't sick.
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Wish feel so good that you become grapecoffee's new maid.

I wish someone would invent no-calorie chocolate.
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I invented no-calorie chocolate but you ate so much of it your teeth have forever turned brown!!!

I wish that I actually liked doing exercise.
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Wish Granted: They just made 0 calorie chocolate it tastes like crap and causes uncontrollable diarrhea.

I wish I was rich
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Cinnamon spice: wish granted, you now love exercise and are required to train for the modern pentahlon at the next olympics

Schatzi: you are now rich but your phone won't stop ringing with all these relations that you have never met asking for money

I wish I had an indoor swimming pool...
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Working on Hot!
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Your wish is granted you hane a pool but the kids will not stop knocking on your door to use the pool...

I wish all my bills where paid...

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Wish granted - Bills are paid, you won the lottery, but now everyone is knocking at YOUR door asking for some.

I wish I could take a day off.
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Done! You have the day off, but it's because you're being audited and aren't supposed to be around for it!

I wish I could see my friends more often.
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prepare for the BEST time
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Wish granted....Your friends (about 15 in number) are coming for a visit...they will live at your house, use your bathrooms, eat all you food and drink all your liquor, they won't take a hint to go home for 8 days!

I wish my house was completely redecorated and the renovations complete.....SIGH!
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This time for good!
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Granted! Your renovations are done but the contractors left you with a mess that will take a month to clean up.

I wish my daughter would get her life together.
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Wish granted, your daughter now has a wonderful job, fabulous apartment, and rich boyfriend, but it's all on the otherside of the country and she never calls you.

I wish I had a weekend on a tropical island.
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Want them Muscles!
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Wish granted: you are lying on the beach in the domincan Rebublic but it starts to cloud over, begins to rain and never stops

I wish my back would stop hurting
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