Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie

  • Just tuned in to Travel Channel and they're showing what is apparently the final two episodes of this mini series...

    I gotta hand it to Jack O - he's made an *amazing* transformation...The Biggest Loser has nothing on this (sorry about that...)

    It's so wonderful to see him, still a teenager, transform himself from an overweight, drug addled, goal-less slug to a motivated powerhouse not to mention a HOTTIE!

    Can't wait to see this series in its entirety - we're watching the finale right now (he's going to climb El Capitan in Yosemite...which is a HUGE feat - we've been to Yosemite many many times, in fact Jim and I were married in the valley and El Cap is nothing to sneeze at!).

    Gotta go watch...but here are some links to check out:

    How Jack Osbourne spent his summer

    Interview with Jack Osbourne

    The Osbourne formula for losing weight: get high

    Interview: Jack be nimble, Jack be quick (great interview with the London Times)

  • Wow, he looks great! I've never even heard of this series, but I'll definitely check it out. It sounds like a fascinating show
  • That's amazing, he is barely even recognizable! I saw a picture of him climbing the other day and he's got some serious arm muscles.
  • It's been big news here in the UK. In our house we only have normal telly not satellite, so I haven't seen any of the series but I have followed it in the press. He has really inspired me to keep exercising! I think what his transfomration has taught me is to make your life and routine about more than just weight loss. I've been trying to think outside the gym and consider all the cool things I can now do without worrying whether i am fit enough!
  • Thanks for posting this, he does look GREAT! His goal is 10 lbs less than mine and he's even shorter...maybe I should re-think my goals? Hmmm...

    while we're talking celebs...on the first page you posted there were pics of Anna Nicole Smith. Can we talk about that?????????
  • According to the Travel Channel schedule, they'll be showing it again on 8 January (this Sunday) starting at 12:00 noon and running thru all three episodes. (dunno if that's EST or whatever...though).

    Looks like in the UK, ITV already aired it back in October, but keep an eye out - they might show it again!

    Definitely WORTH watching...he made some very astute observations in the first episode that stuck in my mind about giving up substance abuse (drugs and alcohol) about needing to fill the "God-sized hole" that opens up once an addict goes clean - I'm thinking that's why there are so many relapses for substance abusers - they haven't found anything else to occupy the time that was spent high, KWIM? Kind of the same with overeating - 'recreational eating' as I call it - one of the crucial elements towards lifetime success is to fill that void with something else other than thinking about food and how to get it constantly.

    As his trainer said, at the beginning of the series he was a spoiled boy...now he's a man.
  • WOW! I can't believe the difference in him! He looks amazing! Good for him and I am glad he did it in a sensible way and through exercise too.

    So many of these celebrities go on ridiculous diets that leave them looking painfully thin looking.

    BTW Anna Nicole looks weird and unnatural - could be the weight loss or the fake blond, odd tan and makeup but - ick!
  • Unfortunately it was ITV2 which is a digital channel, which we can't get in the sticks (you have to have satellite where we live! hopefully they will put it to free to air, but I doubt it!!!

    One of the reasons I took up exercise was to fill my eating time with something productive. On Sundays especially, when my dh went out to work and left me at home, I just grazed all day, not binged exactly, but all of Megs BLT's (bites, licks and tastes) added up enormously.

    I find now swimming, cardio and weight training, not to mention gorgeous walks out in the sticks where we live, give me far much more relief from stress, boredom and loneliness than eating ever did.
  • Thanks for posting Mrs. Jim... Amazing! The article/interview was very interesting