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jillybean720 11-22-2005 06:53 PM


Originally Posted by CynthiaB
They can act or sing

LOL even that is debatable in many cases :devil:

EZMONEY 11-22-2005 11:28 PM

oh my god! is britney sad?

carafre 11-22-2005 11:54 PM

Ok - mine is weird but so am I!! I consider it rude to recline your seat on an airplane that is full!! I totally understand that everyone has the right to do it - but I never recline mine if someone is sitting behind me!! I don't get angry or give dirty looks because I know how crazy it sounds!! My husband thinks it's funny!! I laugh at myself everytime I fly!


SuchAPrettyFace 11-22-2005 11:58 PM

When I am reading something & someone snatches it out of my hand & holds it away. My uncle used to do this to me when we were kids, and my mom did it last night. You don't play keep away with an adult. It pissed me off when I was 8 & it pisses me off now.

Suzanne 3FC 11-28-2005 10:53 AM

I have another! Websites with music. It's usually small, personal pages that do this. Music should be optional and the visitor should be given a button to click to play the music. Unfortunately, they don't all take that step. I think it's very inconsiderate, especially when someone is at work, or their baby is asleep, etc.

daisys48 11-30-2005 07:28 PM

I hate crumbs in the butter.Yuck.

MikiG 11-30-2005 09:13 PM

Oh yeah, and I hate pieces of wet hair in the tub or a piece of hair that somehow occasionally gets on the lid of the toothpaste...that grosses me out!!!!!!

sweetn'crazy 11-30-2005 11:02 PM

Ahh.. wow I have quite a few....

1) People who chew loudly

2) People who act like they know everything, but in actuallity they know nothing at all.

3) People who act like there day has been SOO much harder than yours.

4) Rudeness

5) People who share WAY too much personal information with you WAY too soon...

I have plenty more, but I am done with work for the night... :carrot:

LoveThyBody 12-01-2005 01:01 AM

In no particular order:

1. People who mumble! I hate having to say excuse me or pardon me 500 times during a conversation. Grrrrrr.......

2. Parents who let their kids run wild in public.

3. Parents who don't take their kids to the restroom when they clearly need to go and they are hopping up in down in pain!

4. The people in my apartment complex who own dogs and do not read the signs that say, "scoop up your dogs poop!" There are various posts with complimentary poop bags and yet they always seem to be full of bags because the darn dog owners don't use them. So I end up stepping on crap in the weirdest places...like in a dark stairwell. God that drives me crazy!

5. Drivers who are trying to merge into your lane and they don't. I can be flashing my lights and leaving a big gap and then as soon as I say "forget it, this person is dumber than a box of rocks" they then happen to swerve into your lane and I almost rear end them! Grrrrrrrrrrrr............

6. REALLY messy people. People who don't know their *** from their head because they are surrounded by such a mess! LOL!

LoveThyBody 12-01-2005 01:23 AM

Ohhhhhh I almost forgot........

People who invade your personal space! I just want to say back off buddy....this is my space so get the **** out! LOL!

Cyl53 12-02-2005 01:11 AM

People who try and hold conversations with me while I'm talking to someone on the phone.
My daughter throwing her dirty clothes on top of the clothes hamper instead of in the hamper.
People who say "SMILE!" early in the morning.
I hate people who come to movies and begin telling the story plots to the friend they came with.....


NowOrNever! 12-04-2005 03:53 PM

Cool thread.

1. Cell phones, cell phones, cell phones. I do NOT want to listen to someone else's conversation (I don't care if it's as mundane as "gee honey, what kind of pretzels should I buy?"). Also in this category, people who STOP in the middle of a conversation with you to answer their cell phone. I've gotten to where I usually just leave myself because clearly our conversation wasn't all that interesting.
2. Alot. "Alot" is not a word...it is TWO WORDS. Grammar stuff in general. I'm a snob. And I worked in teacher ed (elementary teachers) and there are damn few young people these days wanting to enter teaching who actually have the skills to BE a teacher.
3. Rude smokers. Like my neighbor. Who doesn't want to smoke inside his condo. So he smokes on his balcony which is 2 feet higher than mine so all the carcinogens come into MY unit (I have to keep a fan on my porch to blow some of it away).
4. People who have children but aren't parents. A "parent" does not yell across a store for their child to come to them. A "parent" does not finally give in to the 10th wail for "can I have this candy?"
5. Queue jumpers (whether on foot or car). OK, my fun experience last week. There was a merge for road construction near my bank. After watching 5 cars zoom up the empty lane (the rest of us were already merging) I got SO pissed and finally nosed my car so I was straddling the line and the other cars HAD to merge sooner because they couldn't cut by on either side. Gives me a chuckle even now.
6. Business jargon. Please...ask me if I have TIME to help you, not BANDWIDTH. I am not a computer connection, I am a person.
7. SUVs in parking lots. I drive a small car. My car FITS into a parking space. If your's doesn't, I haven't granted you permission to park your gas hog practically on top of my car door so that I have to sidle into the car. Also along these lines, people who own gargantuan SUVs who ***** about gas prices.
8. Loud eaters. Ugh. Makes my skin crawl. I actually time my lunch at work to avoid a particular person.
9. Scufflers, especially loud clompy sandals. If you're going to wear them, pick up your feet for crying out loud.
10. Rude public behavior. I grew up in California where swearing--including the f word--is commonplace in public. I lived in Tennessee for six years and I NEVER heard the f word uttered in public once. Not once. I'm not a big church goer, but I appreciate the emphasis on family in the bible belt--it was DEFINITELY a politer, kinder place to live. I was so shocked my first day back on the West Coast (Washington) when I went into a pet store and was witness to a "customer" cussing a blue streak at a clerk who wouldn't do what he wanted. I *know* I would *never* see that kind of behavior in Tennessee. I miss TN (but it was too far from family--sigh)
11. Talking in a movie theater. People--you are NOT sitting in your living room! I hardly ever go to the theater any more but when I do, I try to go the first day or two a movie is out so I don't have to listen to some yokel narrate the movie for their friend...."this is the part where.....".

4myloves 02-23-2006 11:18 AM

Thought so.

meowee 02-23-2006 08:57 PM

Here's one of mine . . .

People who always put themselves first when discussing an event involving another person, for example . . .

Me and Jane went to the store . . . Hopefully, everyone knows they should say . . . Jane and I went to the store

Although, the "me and" style is becoming so common maybe they are no longer teaching correct grammatical construction in the schools. That is a thought that really frightens me.

Linds81 02-23-2006 10:29 PM

Okay... my pet peeves...
1) Driving behind dumb asses on the highway that go below the speed limit!
2) People who you let merge in on the highway and they don't stick their had up to thank you. I always make sure that I wave!
3) People who tuck their hockey jerseys all the way in their pants. I can understand doing the "Gretzky" and having one side tucked in... but the whole thing??
4) People who click their teeth on their cutlery
5) Rudeness
6) People who talk in the movie theatre

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