what drives you crazy? pet peeves exposed

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  • I'm in total agreement with you Cristi04 & phantastica!
    I don't care if it's 20 degrees outside, I'm so thankful that I have legs and the ability to walk and put my cart up even if it may take me an extra 3 minutes. Big whoop! Plus, I would feel lazy if I didn't. I know several disabled people who do not have this option and wish they could walk and push their own cart to the proper place.
  • okay, here is one that is a party killer. People who dominate the conversation especially in a party or small group setting.
  • I HATE Driving. If I was a millionaire I'd have my own personal driver. Or maybe I'll just move to New York so I can either take the subway, the bus, the train, a cab, walk or ride my bike.
    Anyway here's my list...

    Bad driving
    Traffic Traffic Traffic
    Flashing red lights
    Smoking! (It stinks!)
    Rude People

    Oh I almost forgot!

    My chubby friend that laughs at me for wanting to be "skinny." She's always teasing me about it and trying to get me to eat crap I know I don't need. She's always telling me, I'll pay for it! What-ever.
  • Quote: She's always telling me, I'll pay for it! What-ever.
    Sounds like a sabotager. I'd seriously consider minimizing contact with this person until you can figure out a way to keep to your plan when you're around her.
  • Here is another one!!!
    Traffic lights that are not synchronized!!! I hate it when you have a green light only to be stopped by a red light a few meters ahead!!!! So annoying
  • Here are a few of my pet peeves:

    Flip flops at work! I can't stand flip flops, they are for the shower, the beach, the pool, hanging around the house, running a few errands. They don't belong at work especially not in a laboratory! I don't care if they have a cute butterfly and match your outfit. The sound they make is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

    Pants that hang down to the crotch, I just want to walk up and pull their pants either down or up!

    Orange spandex is not flattering if you are above a size 2 and neon orange is just in really bad taste. The lady who wears this exciting outfit is a rather fluffy person and it would be understandable or at least acceptable if she were going to the gym but she's not, she's wearing it to work. It's painful.

    Well, it looks those pet peeves boil down to basically inappropriate clothing at work.

    Don't complain about being fat while you are eating an entire cheesecake. Either accept your weight and enjoy what you are eating or stop eating what made you fat in the first place. Don't use a perfectly innocent cheesecake to make yourself feel even worse about yourself. It's just not fair to the cheesecake.

    Parents who bring their small children to my home and don't bring anything for them to do. I don't have children, why do you think I would be able to entertain yours?

    Traffic-I live 15 miles from work and it takes me anywhere from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours to get to work each morning.

    If you are alone, don't ride in the HOV lane.

    That's enough for now. I don't want to come across as a total shrew.

    As for the grammer thing-on another forum, we had a high school English teaching posting and each day she would post a thread concerning grammer errors she had caught from the day before. We covered the difference between lose and loose, those pesky 's , their vs there, and numerous other grammer and spelling issues. It was quite fun for the few months she posted. We all learned so much.

  • Quote: I can't stand flip flops, they are for the shower, the beach, the pool, hanging around the house, running a few errands.
    I totally agree on flip-flops, and on inappropriate work clothing in general.

    Sarah, did you see this? http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/trib...e/p_77462.html
  • Hi:

    Something that I don't like is lack of "customer service" in some stores. When you actually need help & can't find someone or they just don't know anything & don't want to put themselves out to find out from someone else.

    Wrong fast food orders - mostly in the drive through. And if you check they give you dirty looks.

    People who butt-in (like I am invisible) and think it is OK.

    Salespeople huddled together talking instead of working.

    Drivers who follow too close.

    Empty toilet/paper towel rolls

    Inappropriate use of cell phones (movies/restaurants/driving)
  • Love Bassetts I had to reply to you. I too took an early retirement from teaching which I loved! Parents did me in also! Boy that could start a whole strand of its own. The parents who do not want to assume responsibility for their children. Sad Sad Sad commentary...... Boy you hit a raw nerve with me. I am so behind you!!!
  • ...a few

    1. People who think they can talk to other people as if they're below them. (Anyone who's ever worked in customer service can relate to this)
    2. People who don't use their turning signals.
    3. People who drink straight out of the cartin or jug instead of getting a cup---anyone with brothers??
    4. Medical advice from people who are not doctors, nurses, or in any other way related to the medical field.
    4B. That guy at work who won't stop telling me that diet coke does funky stuff to your brain and is the worst thing you can drink(don't ask, I Dont get it either) while chain smoking.
  • I usually spend my time on another thread but my wife is at BUNKO, I am bored, so I went lurking....

    LOVESBASSETS~ I can relate to the parent/teacher conferences...the teachers used to ask me~~"Why are you here?"...guess the ones that show up are usually the ones that don't need to. My wife is a 6th grade teacher, language arts, and my son is a first year high school teacher, US History to juniors and government to seniors...so I hear stories all the time.

    SARAHYU and PHANTASTICA~ I totally DISAGREE with you both on the flip-flops. I am 51...so I have seen styles come and go....I remember when we wouldn't dare wear tennis shoes to church!! I think the girls meeting with President Bush look VERY NICE!!! Remember, these are college athletes...not " Fashion Majors". I think that flip-flops are being made to look sporty, fancy and casual...I am not offended seeing them in the office...I also would think it not cool if they were worn at a black tie affair!

    FITGAL~ I find sports on television to be quite exciting on many occasions...have you watched USC FOOTBALL lately? I suppose if one didn't understand the game or have a connection with the team/s playing it could be boring.

    Well just checked in and the BOSS!! is back home from BUNKO, nice visiting with you ...gotta go... GARY
  • Quote: Parents who come to parent-teacher conferences and say "I can't get him/her to stop playing Nintendo"
    This one leads right into my major pet peeve: parents who are not firm enough with their kids. For example, in the above situation, just remove the Nintendo from the house and be done with it! Also parents who say "no" to a request (new toy, etc) then when the kids continue to bug them they say "oh fine, here you go" just to make them shut up. I used to work in a toy store so I saw that one all the time and it drove me nuts!


  • Speaking of cell phones.. How about the people that go up to the check out in a store and don't have the time to put their phone down while being waited on. It only takes a few seconds to put the phone down or tell the person that you will call them back.
  • Or the chick who robs banks all the while yakking on the phone...