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Embracing My New Normal
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As one who's not fond of pets at all, I second all the unleashed dog complaints. Actually, dogs in general, leashed or unleashed. What gets me is people who say, "You shouldn't be afraid of my dog, he won't hurt, he just wants to be friendly".

First off, I'm not "afraid" of your dog. I don't like your dog. Big difference.

Secondly, I'm friendly with lots of folks. I can think of lots of ways to show it besides licking their faces (gross) and sniffing their crotches.

Third, dogs don't wipe. And then they want to sit on my lap? No thanks.

And finally, I saw a dog eat it's own waste once. And I'm supposed to think it's affectionate when it uses that same mouth to lick me?

And cats aren't any better. I shudder to think of how many people allow cats to walk all over the yard and then walk on the kitchen countertops. Ewwwww.

I'm not a pet person at all, as if you couldn't tell .
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South Beach Life Style
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People who think that their opinion is the only one that matters.

people who have to control everything, including your opinion.

people who dont practice what they preach.

People who are unhappy but do nothing to improve. I will help anyone as long as the WANT the help....

people who are always complaining and negative,, never a good word to say about anything,,

Eating loudly,, That has been touched on already, I so agree with that,,

Laziness just pisses me off.

excessive absences from work with out consideration of how it will be on the others.. Without a good reason..

There are more.. but I think I have seen all of them touched on..
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Neighbors who refuse to be considerate and turn down their loud tv and/or radio after having been asked about a million times. And then get pissed off that the cops were called instead of being asked yet again.

Neighbors (same ones) who leave their dog alone for 3 weeks to starve, get their dog taken away, and then get away without punishment when they come back and are allowed to have the dog back. (I've also seen this neighbor throw his dog, smack him with a shoe across the head, and force his head down into the grass.) I just want to do the same to the neighbor.

People that are late. I respect people's time enough to be early or at least on time. Being late is just being disrespectful.

Inconsiderate drivers.

People who are rude. Especially when someone is asking for help.

When my husband tells me I make the best cookies he's ever had and that I should do it for a living, then makes me feel bad if I suggest making some.
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Yummy Mummy in the Making
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Definitely agree with the dogs and leashes thing. Unleashing dogs is just unsafe in some situations and RUDE. I also hate it when I go over to someone's house and their pets are jumping all over me. (And the owner doesn't do anything to stop them!)

And I AM a dog person, by the way...
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People that think they know everything.
People that dish out rude/mean behavior but can't take it being returned.
( Both of the above describe my step sister)
People that borrow money from you and then act like they don't know you.
Men that honk car horns to get the attention of a female.... so rude.
People that ask if my hair is real or if I have extensions.
When men that do not know me say sexually suggestive things to me. (Not that it's OK if they do know me LOL)

I'll probably make several more trips to this thread. It's very theraputic.
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Burning Bright!
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I agree with so many of the pet peeves that have already been mentioned, but here are a few of mine that haven't:

1) When I tell an anecdote to someone during the course of a conversation, and they respond with "That's nothing! You should have been there when..." Hey! My story WAS "something" to me! If you want to share a similar one, find a better segue!

2) People who tell me I'm cruel for having my cats indoors only. Well, here's the reality. I don't think they need to be outside to catch diseases, get hit by cars, get in cat fights, poop in other people's yards, or be picked up by animal control! When I have the space I intend to build them an outdoor enclosure, where they can enjoy the outdoors, but not exposed to these types of risks. Until then I'll keep them inside, thank-you-very-much!

3) People who sniffle/snort instead of blowing their nose. Maybe you think it is embarassing to blow your nose in public, but do you really think that snorting snot is that much more appealing?

Goodness, I'm a picky b aren't I?
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Default nails....

All of my major ones have been mentioned, but I thought I'd throw this one in...

People that cut their fingernails at work....yes, this happens. I used to sit near someone that did this on a regular basis....and each time I was just as shocked and nauseated as the last time.

Oh....another minor one from work....people that you KNOW see you scrambling to get to the elevator, but conveniently can't seem to find the 'OPEN DOOR' button to let you get in!
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I dig this thread. It is very therapeutic, and it's also a way to kind of reconsider the things I do...

KFC- That young guy putting mashed potatoes on his plate, and that girl calls him a "side hog" noisy can someone be in putting potatoes on a plate?

There's a commercial for K9 Advantix with this puppy singing "There ain't no bugs on me"...cute dog, but that voice grates on me....maybe it's just me?

-when you pull out all the stops and do whatever you can to help someone or make something happen ( like at work) and you either don't get a thank you at all, or even worse, the patient/customer/ect. finds something to complain's like wtf?

-Tongue cluckers. These are when someone clucks thier tongue before beginning a statement. This seems _so_ petty but it so bothers me!

-The assumption that because I have money I should buy everything I want...that's why I have money. I don't buy everything I want... same way that someone may say " Oh, you're not fat, you can eat that...".

-Those who will talk to everyone and thier mother about a problems they have with you, but refuse to resolve it person to person...

- People w/ shopping carts who either stop in the middle of the aisle, cut you off, or weave mindlessly, like lane changers w/ no signals. I think there should be stop and go lights at wal mart.

I'm sure there are more...there always thing that's nice, is I doubt there is a pet peeve someone has that they only have...I doubt someone is going to say "man, I can't stand friendly people."
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Let's do this!
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Perhaps it's been mentioned.

I was driving across the city on Saturday via the interstate and at 3 different entrances, the person who was getting on slowed down to almost a complete stop- on the entrance ramp! This of course causes the poor folks behind them to risk a nasty accident and slam on their brakes. What's even more aggrivating is the fact that the driver who is already in the lane on the interstate slows down just as much because no one can decide who should go first.

I don't know if this happens so much in other cities- perhaps Denver isn't used to the interstate system yet? Transplants meeting transplants? Small town meeting big city?

It bugged me. I dug up this thread to vent and now I feel better.
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Here we go again...
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Angry My turn!

My pet peeves (in no particular order):

a. Bad GRAMMAR! Same with the its vs. it's, "me and him went ..." instead of "He and I" or just freakin' use "We".

b. Co-workers who come up with lame excuses to get out of helping you (too much time, I don't know when I really do) because they're being competitive for no reason.

c. People who criticize other's speaking skills when their own are in need of desperate repair.

d. Spending beyond one's means.

e. Belly buttons. They are gross and I get so squeamish just thinking about them.

f. Men who are only out for some booty and not interested in getting to know the woman underneath.

g. Girlfriends who think it's their job to flirt with waiters, random men at a bar and then ***** when they get horny attention. Change that to when they ***** to ME about it knowing I haven't received a lick of attention myself.

h. Girlfriends (ok we all know I'm talking about the same person) who KNOW that you've put aside time from your busy schedule to take them somewhere and then cancel on you last minute and then ask innocently if they can impinge on your (same) busy time the next day when you have told them previously it is freakin' impossible. Yeah, I was petty. I said yes and then the next day I cancelled.
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Addicted to potato salad!
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Just a couple off the top of my head:

Being invisible while shopping. For instance, when I'm standing in the aisle deciding on, say, what flavor tea I want to buy and someone walks right in front of me and looks at tea, as if I were a manniquin and modeling clothes for some reason in the tea aisle.

This may seem off color on a dieting website, but I absolutely HATE to see chubby women that wear teeny bopper half shirts and have their round tummy hanging out over tight legging-style pants. I know I'm about the same size as most of the women (mostly younger women) I see, but I swear some day I'm going to take a picture with my cell phone and show one of these women that, what they look like in front of the mirror when they are standign up straight with their tummies sucked in is NOTHING LIKE what they look like while they are walking, hunched over, letting it all hang out.

This is kind of an extention of the above, but I hate when someone bends over or sits and we get a nice view of their 'whale tail' ...otherwise known as their thong underwear. Honest to God...we we all REALLY need to know what kind of undies everyone wears?

Also...when I see high school or worse, middle school girls being allowed to walk out of the house dressing like total and complete tramps. My DD was in her first year of middle school this year and I was totally appauled at the things I saw the girls wearing.

Oh...and gossip. I hate gossip....especially the type that is pure trash talk about others. Small minds...and these are usually moms that show off their whale tails and allow their daughters to dress like tramps and cut me off in the tea aisle.
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I've read this entire thread and found myself nodding to a few of the peeves mentioned. I couldn't find one, however, that really REALLY peeved me until today!

Today, I discovered my own personal peeve. I didn't see this listed, if I missed it please pardon the repost!

When someone at a grocery store places raw meat (especially chicken) that is drippy and yucko in a bag with fruit, produce, baked goods, etc. This makes me SOOOOOOO angry! Especially if I don't catch it till I get home and the meat has comingled with fruit. YUCK!

Oh, another thing that bugs me. Not as badly, but still annoying. When they put heavy items with bread and it gets all smashed. I guess I'm just a grocery primadonna?!?!?

Am I the only one that this really bugs?
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nope tele i HATE my bread smashed even my children will be extra careful cause it bothers me so and for me the #1 is peoples feet take care of your feet i live in california and you would not believe how many men/women wear sandle's and they have that crust built up on the back of they're heels nails not cut AHHHHHH sorry im a foot person my kids since they were babies have never been without socks slippers something on they're feet i cant stand to see someone walking on the street with no shoes and bare feet on the pavement its so sick it really does make me i'll ............
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I hate when people can't take the time to put their grocery cart away or in a place where it won't roll away to hit someone elses car. It bugs me so much!

I also hate when people say nasty things about people that they don't even know and act like what they say is fact, when they haven't even said one word to them.
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this is a forum type pet peeve:
When someone asks for opinions and when they don't get answers that suit them it's "you obviously don't know what your talking about." or "you don't understand."

When someone gets on and asks questions one day, we are nice and respond with long answers and that person never comes back to respond to the thread.

Another one is crafting related: I make charity items for a local childrens' hospital. Word got out that I was doing this and people started giving me their old fabric stashes and stuff for lap quilts and dolls. I've gotten some great fabric from wonderful caring people.

A few people are leaving the worse junk for me, fabric scraps so small they should have been thrown away, old clothes, pillows, half completed craft projects that are at least 20 years old, I remember my Mother doing these things when I was in high school. Because "you can unstuff the pillows and use the stuffing for dolls." and "my grandmother used to make quilts from old clothes." That was the depression era, she did it because she had to. The items I make are for sick children. I don't know where your pillow has been and I'm not the repository for all your unfinished craft projects.

Oh well, it's what makes life interesting, right?
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