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The DD not dead thought is a possibility. Fawkes was in mourning though was he not? I think DD's main thought was how can he help Harry as much as possible against Voldemort. Not only for Harry's sake but Voldemort has already started increased violence, indeed terorrism against the whole population. So he would not have died unless he thought it would help Harry or could not have prevented it. Some subtrefuge probably did happen...perhaps. Perhaps not. Hehe.
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Default DD dead

I think DD is dead, his spell on Harry was broken, his body was there, and his picture automatically went up in the headmaster's office. I think Sirius still being alive is a much greater possibility, the whole "he went to the other side" is just too easy.
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I wish Sirius was alive but Jo Rowling specifically said in an interview that Sirius was dead....that's not to say that the mirror he gave Harry won't come into play (the one he smashed or something in a previous book) but he's not coming back...she says those that are dead stay dead.
I don't think Harry is a Horcrux but maybe he is. I thought the spell to make a Horcrux was kinda complicated and Harry rebounding his spell and not dying suprised Voldemort so I don't see him being able to make a Horcrux out of him. He would have had to plan to make him a Horcrux because his powers were taken away when Harry was still alive...just my opinion.
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I think when JKR kills characters, they are actually dead. I get the impression from interviews and such that she thinks it is better in children's literature for them to be able to accept that someone has died, than to always have this expectation that the dead character is going to come back to life.

That's not to say that when they are dead they are completely gone. I mean, with HP, we are talking about magic after all! As I see it, the portraits are just one way of communicating with the dead. I'm sure there are other ways as well.
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i really agree with you on that one.
i read the book over vaction. (went on vaction with inlaws to VA, NC, and then hubby met up with us in PA where we stayed for a week) i bought the book the day it came out and finished it in 3 days. would have done it sooner but my son takes up alot of my time (which isn't a bad thing). but i found this book a great read and i've re read some of the other ones. but the ending was kinda shocking didn't expect DD to die.
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