Big Brother 5

  • Is anyone here a Big Brother fan? I've watched every season so far and i'm already addicted to BB5! (BB3 was my favorite though!)
  • hey! I started watching it this season, I'm going away on vacation for a week, so I'll miss some of it. But dayum, there is some hot guys, I would mind spending a few months with them, half naked.. of course I would need to lose some weight, get some lipo, and possibly a boob job.. lol
  • yes, I am a big Big Brother fan, I too have watched every season so far...It usually takes me a few episodes to get into the "new" crowd but I think this one is going to be pretty good, at first I thought that project "dna" seemed kind of dorky ( well still do ) ... so we will see how it goes...
  • I love BB5...I even have the live feed. This season is going to be INSANE