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Default Is anyone familiar with NYC?

I'm going to NYC in mid December and have never been there before. I am going with a tour group and although there is a tour guide we get to be left alone for a few hours. I would like to make the most of the trip and have an idea of what I would like to do. I was wondering if anyone lived in NYC or is familiar with it???

Thanks so much!!
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I visit the New York City area once a year. Not knowing where your tour guide will be taking you to it is hard to suggest places. My most favorite places are Times Square, Central Park and taking a tour to the Statue of Liberty. Also walking through Chinatown and Wall street are great.

There is a web site--Newyorkcity--I think that is right.

The whole city is so exciting. Also 5th Ave, Toys R Us (at Times Square), riding the subway, eating the food--I just love that city.

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Default Nyc


I lived in NYC for 13 years before moving to Washington, DC. NYC is very, very safe. Especially Manhattan. It is the safest large city in the US, at any hour of the day or night. Also, New Yorkers are much friendlier than people give them credit for. If you get lost, just ask someone for help. The subway is cheap and easy to get around in, and very safe also.

NYC is an orgy for the eyes, and the best way to explore the city is to walk it. Get yourself a good map of Manhattan, maybe a Foder's book, and just go for it. The City is divided by 5th Avenue in terms of East, West. The best shopping, in my humble opinion, is Lexington and Madison Avenues from 60th Street to 86th Street. Really amazing shops, not cheap. There is also good shopping in both the East and West Villages. 9th Street in the East Village is good, as is Elizabeth Street which is sort of Little Italy. Soho is not that interesting anymore, unfortunately.

Central Park is a world unto itself. In December, Wolman's Rink will be open for skating. The Central Park Zoo is also alot of fun.

I hope this helps. What are your interests?

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hi Beckyboo!
I live in the UK but have a Son in NJ and a Son in CT so I fly over the pond quite regularly. I have been over at various times of the year and each time I have been to the city there has been something else to see. For instance, in December I went to the Christmas show at Radio City and to see the Xmas tree and the skating at the Rockerfella Centre. Another time I went and saw a show "The Full Monty" on Broadway. I have "done" the Empire State building, Times Square and loads of places in between. I find Grand Central Station unbelievable and Ground Zero must not be missed. I spent hours there reading all the notices from families etc. We went round the Statue of Liberty and we even went to a museum that was full of Indian crafts and souveniers. As in all cities there is so much to look at and such atmosphere to soak up. Whatever your interests you must find something that will leave you with memories you can share. I am still wanting to go to Central Park, Greenwich Village, and China Town and I am sure I will but I want to do Central Park in a horse and carriage. Do enjoy your visit, I hope I have helped a bit by telling you some of the things I have seen as a English Tourist....Pam
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Hi, Becky. I live in Manhattan - thanks for planning a trip to come visit us.

What you want to do with your "time off" from the tour guide depends on you and your interests. You can see from the other posts that the list of activities is endless.

I imagine your tour includes a stop at many of the main attractions: Times Square, Chinatown, Empire State Building etc., so perhaps you will want something more off the beaten path? The best local periodicals to check out are Time Out New York and The Village Voice - it's best to get them both in hard copy when you arrive, but if you want a preview, both have web sites which carry some of the features and recommendations.

If there's an area of interest (museums, theater, music, rock-climbing, shopping, bird watching etc.), let me know and I will make some recommendations. Otherwise, all I can add to the above posts is to advise you to be sure to keep your wallet in your front pocket, never your back. It's not a dangerous city, but pick-pockets love to target folks at the holiday time...
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I have been to NYC quite a few times with a tour group around the holidays. One place we went was South Street Seaport where carolers form a human Christmas Tree and sing Christmas Carols. There are a lot of shops to explore there and quite a few restaurants. Also, at Grand Central Station they put on a laser light show that is awesome. Enjoy your trip.
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