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  • Jon Peter Lewis did he do good or bad? I don't see it until Friday but I need to know
  • I didn't see it either! I curse the day that I first watched American Idol, as I became an immediate addict I had to go out last night and forgot to set the vcr. Last night they performed, and tonight we will learn who made it to the next round.

    I had no idea they showed our version in the UK! Will you get the "bad audition" special next week? They are going to show the worst of the worst auditions. I have mixed feelings about that. It's difficult to see someone cut down so rudely when they really do try their best.
  • We don't get the extra shows. Just the normal two shown together on Fridays. Only watched by the obsessive Pop Idol fans like me.
  • Bad news, he didn't make it. He made the top 3, but not the top 2. I didn't see his performance, but they said it was "cartoonish", whatever that meant. It must not have been bad, though, for him to make the top 3!
  • Oh well, there's always the wildcard. Him and Scooter girl may get through.
  • Does no one watch it in America?
  • I do, and I too curse the day I started. It is sooooo addictive and I love Simon!
  • Jon Peter Lewis got in as a wildcard I believe. I liked him because he is different and he has sort of a cool voice.
  • He is through to the wildcard stage yes. Just has to get through that bit now. They did show the "bad audition" special the other day some of it was a bit much to watch!
  • Just another huge Idol fan here. I'm so excited to see the wild card show cause I believe this should be the biggest show. The one where they pull out all the stops to get in the final 12. After tomorrow, I will be able to pick my "favorite".
  • John Peter Lewis still in it.
  • I Looooooooove Jpl!
  • He's mine I hope he dances this week (I don't see it till Friday)
  • hehehehe, you won't be disappointed
  • I missed Tuesday's show, but saw Wednesday's elimination. I was SHOCKED!! Nothing made sense. Veggie, don't worry, your sweetie is still safe But the person that was sent home was one of the best! In fact, everyone in the bottom 3 were probably in the top 4 overall.

    But who am I to talk. I didn't vote.