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Default Pregnant-and wants to change jobs??

Has anyone had experience with being preggers (I'm only about 5-6 weeks along) and wanting (or NEEDING) to change jobs? I am in the NEED catagory. My job is so bad (how bad is it?? LOL) It's so bad that I cry almost everyday. I'm constantly being blamed for things that I had nothing to do with, I haven't had a raise in almost 2 years because of the blamings I get bad reviews. No one listens to reason around here when I try to tell them I had nothing to do with whatever the problem is.
I'm just a peon around here. Whatever someone else doesn't want to do, the boss sherks it off on me to do ontop of my regular work. I work full time here, and because of not getting a raise, I took an evening job partime to get soem debts paid down. My boss found out about it, and really blew her top. (Literally) Now I'm getting even more work (and having to stay late here and being late for work there). I think she's doing it on purpose.
Anyway, my DH and I decided that I would work the full time job and he would work the part time job (after he tired of being an electrician, he took a job at a grocery store in the butcher's department). Now we're descussing if maybe he should go back to being an electrician, and me just work my partime job to get away from this mess.
Will I be covered medically I wonder? Like under him if he goes back to electrician work? Or what if I just quit and find another job? My biggest concern is stress right now, which I DO NOT need, and medical insurance.

Any advice?
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Whatever choice you make Good Luck. I have 2 kids and it is a change. but things will work out. As far as insurance , we had none, I found a wonderful clinc at Touro Hosp. in New Orleans.
but one thing you are right about is stress, it is just not worth. if you feel the need to find something else i would start looking.
congrats on your baby, and good luck with the work issue.
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Hey Frogger -

I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time! If you're dh goes back to work and has insurance through it, then yes, you'll be covered. I'm assuming you have coverage now. So as long as there's less than a 30 day gap between your current coverage and your new coverage, then your pregnancy can not be excluded according to federal law.

Hope that helps!
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