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VermontMom 01-19-2004 11:22 AM

Facial moisturizer recommendations?...
I'm 43, and have been using Oil of Olay Total formula for about a year...I like it, but it just feels too light to be doing serious help for me. I also use a Neutrogena facial cream at night, that has retinol.

I did try a L'Oreal cream once, but it was not non-comedic (spelled right? meaning it DID clog by pores).

Can anyone recommend a moisturizer that they really like, and isn't too expensive? I'm willing to pay somewhere in the $10-$15 range for it, as long as it does the job.

Noodles913 01-25-2004 11:23 AM

I'd also like to know what you girls are using. The stuff I use now is just "ok" but it is discontinued so I need to find something else. I use DHC pure soap as my cleanser, but they have so many moisturizers that I just don't want to fiddle with trying one here..trying one there..trying one everywhere. I'm also willing to pay if it does the job. As the saying goes, you get what ya pay for. :D


BerkshireGrl 01-27-2004 12:11 AM

I use Cetaphil as an all-over cream, including my face. It's "Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion", fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, for dry, sensitive skin.

The skin on my face and body for that matter is very combination... some parts very dry like my legs, under eyes, elbows, feet, some parts very oily like T-zone, back, upper chest. I put the Cetaphil on the dry parts right after I towel off from the shower... this keeps the water from the shower "in" my skin.

I love it. It's very soothing, no perfumes that I unfortunately usually develop an allergy to, and it does its job well! :)

It's a tad pricey, like compared to Vaseline Special Care or whatever, Suave etc., but certainly not crazy money. You get a big 16 oz. pump bottle for, hmmm, $10 I think? Maybe $15? I forget. It's been a long time since I got this one and I peeled the price tag off when I got it heh!

Cheaper than department store brands DEFINITELY!

I'm a firm believer in drugstore brands being just dandy... you just have to find what works for you. (My opinion anyway!) If I had extra mola, I might drop some on face creams, but I don't, heh!

rochemist 01-28-2004 12:32 AM

I love my Oil of Olay Night Effects and Oil of Olay Complete for the day. If I am really dry around my mouth I up the water and use Eucerin just around my mouth and hands at night. Moisturizing gloves are awesome.

Miss chris

love2live 01-28-2004 03:09 PM

my favorite is cetaphil and for creme ahava-they have the best products and you can get them from sephora stores or online.

PiperGale 02-04-2004 01:57 AM

I'm also a Cetaphil user. I like that I can buy it almost anywhere. It's about $10 a bottle. Not bad compared to some higher end products. This was reccommended by my dermatologist for my combination skin.

VermontMom 02-04-2004 09:41 AM

Thank you all for the comments and suggestions!

I am liking the L'Oreal "Age Perfect" Day cream that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I've really been slathering it on, and it is not clogging up my pores. I don't look any younger, but I don't think I look older either :lol:

MagnoliaBlossom 02-21-2004 08:31 PM

Miss Chris,
Where do you buy moisterizing gloves? When do you wear them? Are they expensive? That Eucerin is good stuff..they used that on me in the rehab hospital, and my male nurse made sure I got 2 jars when I left there.

rochemist 02-22-2004 02:49 AM

I bought my moisturizing gloves at Target. I have used socks on my hands before though. I just put them on at night before I go to bed.

Miss Chris :)

VermontMom 03-05-2004 10:48 AM

me again
I was in a drugstore yesterday, and saw the Cetaphil Facial moisturizer...it was $2.00 off regular price, so I bought a bottle. It does feel very good. Thanks again for all the input, ladies!

Partytime 03-26-2004 01:20 PM

I have tried so many different moisturizers over the years and I have finally found the perfect stuff...
I use
Wei East and I order it from HSN because if you get it in the high end department stores, its SOOOOOOOOO expensive...

Wei East:
East meets West when centuries-old Chinese herbal formulas combine with advanced American cosmetic techniques for younger looking skin. Take a natrual approach to beauty with pampering formulas that are pleasure to put on.

I also use Wei East foundation, its like a mineral powder, and I have been using mineral foundatoins for years, but the Wei East powder really covers the best and won't break out your face.

Do a search in Wei East on the internet. It truly is the best product I have ever used..

Noodles913 03-26-2004 06:02 PM

Well, I splurged and paid the $15 for the Aveeno kit at Costco and I must say...I LOVE IT. It was exactly the moisturizer I was looking for all of these years!! It has the fluffy yet creamy texture, and the SPF in it that I need out here in the Arizona desert. And my face loves it too!! About time!! :cheer:

mauvaisroux 03-27-2004 09:32 AM

I was using oil of olay for years but found that it just wasn't doing enough as it used to. I can't use things with alphy-droxy or retinol as they feel like they are burning my skin and they make my skin dry.

I have switched to Almay brand Kinetin Skincare. It is a little more expensive but you can buy it in drugstores and I usually buy it at Walmart where it is cheaper. In my opinion it was well worth the price - ranges from $15 - $25.00 depending on which product in the line you are buying. I usually try to buy it when it is on sale or when they are offering a special package.

It is hypo-allergenic so it doesn't harm my sensitive skin and has no strong perfumes in it. The formulas are quite rich so you don't have to use much. In fact I am only half way through the items I bought in October! :) so in the long run I feel that the $$ value evens out.

I am using the Skin optimizing cleanser twice per day, the rejuvenating eye cream, the rejuvenating night concentrate and the age defying daily lotion (has 15 SPF UVA/UVB sunscreen in it). My skin looks and feel great! :D

Ilene 03-27-2004 10:38 AM

I really love Vichy products they are water based, from what I understand that if very important to prevent cloging pores...I'm presently using Roc products, I like them, and I can actually see the difference in the crows feet around my eyes... It has vit A,C,E and retinol, so it's not for everyone and it does tingle a bit when first you put it on... Both products are expensive tho. I will forgo buying clothes to buy these products instead. Different priorities,I guess...:lol:...:shrug:

acuppacoffee 03-28-2004 04:41 AM

Like Noodles913, I also use Aveeno. I've got a really oily t-zone but needed a moisturizer to combat some initial dryness after I started using Retin-A for my acne. It took me awhile to find one that had sunscreen, wasn't too heavy, and actually felt good on my skin; I've been using this one for a little over a year and love it. The Skin Brightening Moisturizer has an SPF of 15 and I can usually find it for around $10-12.

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