• I joined back in 2011. Man.... that was a long long time ago haha I just wanted to say hi to everyone and /wave Hi everyone!! How is everyone doing?!?! I've found that so many forums I've used over the years have been closed or just completely disappeared. It's a shame... I miss the days when no matter what time it was I could go online and post something and have responses within a hour. It was a nice reminder that no matter how depressed I am there is a big *** world beyond my front door =D /blush Sorry! Feeling a little nostalgic =D

    You all have an amazing day whether you respond or not ;-)

    Edit: It's a shame a lost my true thread count =(
  • Welcome back, Naemissa, Ten years is a long time ago.

    You'll have to poke around to find the active threads - but there are a bunch still here.