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Default I have too much job related stress right now .

I have to find a Job soon .

This is not a Life or Death situation according to this list of things .

Here are 10 simple ways you can manage stress, so you can lead a happier and healthier life:


1. Simplify. Donít overcomplicate things. Start simplifying your life by cutting out what you donít need. If you have a cluttered house, start de-cluttering. If youíre running around all the time, cut out things you donít absolutely have to do. Just let go of what you can let go of.

2. Be optimistic. Adopt an optimistic attitude. There really is a silver lining in every situation. Begin looking for the positive in each circumstance.

3. Take care of you. Self-care is important. Be sure that you are getting enough sleep, food, and take care of you as best as you can.

4. Breathe deeply. Throughout the day take a few deep breaths at a time and let them out slowly. Relax fully as you exhale. You can literally feel the stress melt off of you when you do this.

5. Live in the present moment. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasnít happened, so putting your attention on those keeps you from enjoying the present. Take time to smell the roses. Enjoy what you are doing while you are doing it. Be present minded.

6. Get fit. Take on some sort of exercise regularly. Even if it is simply a 15 minute brisk walk, getting the cardiovascular system going will help you decrease stress and feel better.

7. Keep balanced. This is sometimes difficult to do, but balance out the different areas of your life. Spend adequate time investing in yourself emotionally, spiritually, financially, mentally, and socially.

8. Offer gratitude. Even on the tough days when youíre ready to pull your hair out, find something to be grateful for. Do you have a roof over your head? Offer thanks for it. Are you healthy? Thatís something to be grateful for! When you offer gratitude, you welcome good things into your life.

9. Give back. When you give back to others, you tend to relax more and feel better about yourself.

10. Smile. Smile often, as it just helps you to relax and feel optimistic. Smile at those you see and watch how your smile causes them to smile back. Pleasantness goes a long way for mood.

You can de-stress on a daily basis when you purpose to take care of yourself in this regards. You can manage stress with just a little bit of effort, so go ahead and begin doing so today.
I still feel stressed out .
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Default Productivity

I suggest you to listen to Tim Ferriss podcast because he's suggesting many ways for improving life quality and especially work-related stresses.
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Whenever i feel stressed, i just pay video games. It give me a reset to think what needs to be done. is offline   Reply With Quote
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play games or listening metal song workd for me
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