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Default Asked if I was watching my figure!

I went back to work this week, and I love my job so far. Its completely different from what I'm used to. I'm in an office now.

Anyway, I've heard so many people talk about the work or office world and food pushing and shaming for being on a diet but I've never experienced it since I've always worked in a hospital or facility so its cool or "in" to be healthy lol....

Well, I brought some plain oatmeal for lunch. Everyone ordered out fast food) and someone brought in cake afterwards.

All the ladies in my office minus 2, are very obese. There are also men, they are slender.

I sat with everyone and no one said anything about my lunch (why would they?). I was offered cake and I said no thank you, and I was asked 2 more times! "are you sure?" one little piece?"....I am one of those people that I have never felt pressured to eat something by someone so no means no. I was polite about it, and they were nice too. It wasn't rude or done in a mean way at all. The one guy said to me 'Are you watching your figure?"...and I was honest. I said "yes, I still have some baby weight to lose so I am being careful about what I eat." He said it playfully not mean, and I wasn't offended. I'm pretty sure on the outside I don't "look" fat (I'm a size 8/10) and relatively toned, so I think it was meant to poke fun at that, I hope...unless he *was* saying I was fat and it was funny that I was watching my (fat) figure....

Too be honest, and I wouldn't say this, but the cake was one of those store bought ones...yuck. I usually eat a clean or whole foods diet, so might have had a piece if the cake were home made, but not processed store cake. I would never say that because it sounds so rude!!! I will bake things at home occasionally and have some too.

Anyway, that kind of set off few comments that some of the ladies were on a diet but then got side tracked and have to get back on it...

I wish none of this was open for discussion! My lunch, their lunch, my weight, their diet...I kind of felt like the only way I was going to not get those comments was by being fat again and eating poorly, which THAT'S not gonna happen! So whatever....it wasn't as big a deal as I am making it sound. I did not get a bad vibe from anyone, and I don't feel uncomfortable going back or eating whatever I want, I just wanted to share what happened here.

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Take it as a compliment that you look awesome and they're noticing and trying to get you to socially eat
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Eating together in a group is a social thing, and people love to talk, and love to talk about food in general -- so eating styles and what you will or won't eat is usually considered open season (says the vegan who is often traumatized in groups of people who want to be confrontational about food even when I don't say a single word about it, sigh).

This is why I always eat alone in the closet with the door closed and the light off.

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Its so tough, I have the same issue too. Its hard for me to casually chitchat about weight - and most people do that because they are "casual" not really into it weight-losers, so its not a big deal for them. When I talk about weight loss its like a serious strategy time!

I listened to my gut and it said "You could do with less of me."
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Originally Posted by Mrs Snark View Post
Eating together in a group is a social thing, and people love to talk, and love to talk about food in general -- so eating styles and what you will or won't eat is usually considered open season (says the vegan who is often traumatized in groups of people who want to be confrontational about food even when I don't say a single word about it, sigh)
Hahahaha. If you feel bad enough about your own food choices to get upset that some other person is a vegan, then you should probably become a vegan too
Push on some more!

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Eating in a group always makes me to eat more(( Actually all people have the same problem. It's a fact proven by phycologists by the way. I feel sometimes uncomfortable when strangers around me and they see what i eat so they KNOW i have problems with weight for sure(( not very pleasant thing to understand...but we need to deal with it(( we are fighting with weight and need to be strong;-)

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Artic Mama - Thank you, I think it was meant as a compliment, so I managed to ignore my own insecurities and not receive it as a negative comment about my weight. Everyone was so kind and happy so I don't think any offense was meant.

Mrs. Snark - I was vegetarian and vegan for a couple of years before my kids were born. I am amazed at how many people feel its their place to comment on what others are eating. I never minded curiosity but unsolicited opinions are just rude! lol Its exhausting to talk about our eating everytime you eat with people that are not informed on your diet or choice. I can see the allure of the dark closet! lol

Pixelllate - you know, that's part of the issue. I'm super passionate, serious, motivated and interested in nutrition and issues surrounding dieting. Partly its my own issues with an ED too. So when I talk about dieting, I don't want to talk casually. Truthfully I don't want to small talk about dieting to someone that is obviously not that serious about the whole thing. I would go as far as to say health and nutrition are a passion of mine, and I just don't feel like watching it become some ho-hum chit chat among people who have no interest in really reading about it, learning about it or putting it into practice. So unless I notice that someone seems really into it, I wont participate in diet talk.

Pattience - I don't lose weight for anyone but me. Whether I'm over weight, obese or a healthy bmi, I don't want my diet or food to be open for discussion. I don't like that its socially acceptable to comment on people;s food choices. As someone who is recovering from starving and binging, eating is just a private thing for me. Its not about how much weight I have to lose, because this journey is not just about my body size, its about trying to have a somewhat normal relationship with food. Its like a recovering alcoholic going out with friends and receiving comments about why he is not drinking...its a personal struggle and maybe he doesn't want to share that with everyone. Its more than the drink but how drinking has changed and maybe ruined times in his life. I don't know if I can explain it but it just so much more than not being fat so I should be ok with talking about my diet.

And as a side note, I believe I clearly stated I was not upset by it, that I was just sharing it here.

Ginerjv, not all I eat less in social settings. Partly because I lose my appetite when nervous so if its around new people, or a big party I dont eat at all which stinks because I am starving once I get home!! If I'm not super nervous, I still do not like the thought of others seeing me over feed my fat face! I say over feed because I do eat, but I'm overly aware of how much and I'm careful to keep it a small amount, smaller than I could eat if alone. The only person I eat "normal" around is my husband, and by normal I mean as much as I please even if its a gross amount!!

Krampus - when I was vegan, though rare, some people though unprovoked, would go on and on about how they don't feel bad about eating meat. I was not a vegan for moral reasons, mind you, and if *they* brought the topic up I'd tell them that. But wow they were **** bent on convincing me (or themselves) that they just loooooooved meat! lol

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Be prepared for them to bring in food and cake on a regular basis all the while listening to them complain about being overweight and giving you unsolicited bad advice. I went through this at my last job. Super annoying.

I told you about the one co-worker that told me lifting 5-10p weights will make me "bulk up" so I should stop.

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