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I can't buy a whole jar of nutella, or else the whole thing will be gone within a week. I still buy the individual servings occasionally, but unless I ration myself it's just way too much of a temptation. I have also been finding that I have very little portion control if I am eating out of the bag/container, so I have to portion out my serving before I eat it or else I eat way too much of it.
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Clawing my way back
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Funny, at work today a couple of my coworkers also said they cannot have Nutella in the house. I never tried it until a few years ago but when I did, it was like crack to me...a regular sized jar lasted me one day, I used to eat it straight from the jar with a spoon. I had to give it up, and nowadays I may treat myself to a jar once a year, like at Christmas. I am just glad I don't live anywhere the Nutella Bar in New York City! Too tempting!
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Re the original question: "Is there anything you won't do that you maybe did before?" My hope is to not ever hit 200 pounds again without taking action. (Until my current program, I ignored the promise I made myself years ago that I would find a way to help myself if I ever went over that #.)
Like a previous poster, I tend to be a 'never say never' type of person. But my hope is to not go over 200 lbs again.
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Originally Posted by pixelllate View Post
I used to eat a 750 gram jar of Nutella along with a 1.5 loaves of bread = 6K calories a day on top of some other things. Evenings were filled with no sleep, but a whole lot of fun.
I think its because i knew this would happen to me that i've never eaten nutella. Yes i've tasted it but i've never ever bought a jar of the stuff even though i know i'd love it.

I'm not ever going to get fat again. I"m just so over it.

And to keep myself there i'm never being a lolly/icecream/cake/sweets eater again. I will have it on certain occasions but that its. My body doesn't need it and it doesn't like it. Even if i must have a binge, i am going to do my darndest to make sure its not anything sweet.

What else? I haven't baked in the sun for many many years and i won't ever do that again either. I've already done too much damage. I"m paying the price.

I would never do laxatives, enemas, pop supplements, spend heaps of money on stupid fad foods that are supposed to keep your alive forever like coconut oil and so on unless i thought it was really yummy and didn't cost much.

That's all i can think of.
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I'll never binge impulsively on chemical junk food, like Cheetohs & supermarket layer cake. If I decide to stuff myself, it will be planned, and with good quality treats. Eventually I would like to say I won't eat refined sugar again, or eat in extremely limited quantities. It makes my body feel awful, while my mind just wants more and more!

I used to say I would never have plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons but I might like to tighten the loose neck & under-chin area.
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On my way to -70
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Soda. I used to drink Coke Zero -- one or two 12 oz cans per day on really bad days. I don't do it anymore and just the thought of it makes me feel icky.
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I would love a face lift but i'll never have the money for it. I had a nose job many years ago. No regrets.

I'd never have lipsuction (though i would if it was permanent), weight loss surgery, boob job, collagen or other cosmetic injectables, and probably various other things that i can't think of.
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Which round am I at now?
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This is a tough one. I never do soda or juice.

Also: I never do cheap/poor quality. If I'm going to be "bad", I'm going to really enjoy something of quality and enjoy it, no guilt.
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Mine is more of a mental one.. I agree with a previous poster here who said they look in the mirror or see a photo of themselves and see a stranger- I do that too! I went out with friends for one of my girlfriends' birthdays - the one who is "supposed" to be on this weightloss journey with me. She hasnt stuck to her portion size after the time we had off because of MY surgery, and she has gained every gram back and then some. She took a photo of us, and even though I have only been back a week, my body is already beginning to tone and shape- for the first time, I looked at myself and didnt see a gianormous blob, but I didnt recognise myself. Photos dont lie, neither do mirrors, but I truly dont see myself like I am in photos or the mirror. That girl is pretty and confident and happy with her friends - not how I feel most of the time.

As I said, its a mental thing. I want to accept myself with love, warts and all. I am not perfect, but I am a better person today than I was 6 months ago. I am fitter, healthier and stronger, physically and mentally, and I know I am not going to go back to being a slob on the couch, eating junk and not exercising.

I agree with the fast food thing too. I had a meal at a fast food restaurant the other day, as I was busy, running late, disorganised and starving, so I chose the healthiest option on the board and ate it. Not only did I feel dreadful, it wasnt enough to sustain my workout! I ended up leaving the gym 15 minutes early because I was so hungry again I felt like I could pass out! So no more fast food! I had a piece of cake last night for my friends' birthday, and after 1 bite of the icing, I couldnt eat anymore, it felt like over sweetened glue in my mouth, I couldnt handle it!

Long story short, I wont think negatively or be around people who have a negative body image or are just jerks, I wont eat take away anymore if I can help it, and I am happy to say exercise is part of my life and is here to stay, and I couldnt be happier about the changes I am making.
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Jillian stole my abs!
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Oops, thought you were talking about strange piercings, and big holes in ears and weird, things like that.

Since I brought it up, what's up with the nose piercing? The front side, while cute, jeez, get a cold and a runny nose. Doesn't stuff get hung up?

So, in the spirit things that were intended, I'm working more towards, more whole foods, and less chemical laden junk.

This does mean I spend a lot more time cooking, slicing, dicing, steaming, portioning and so on, but it is worth it, to know that I can eat food that I can actually pronounce and spell the ingredient list.
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Originally Posted by GordonGirl16 View Post
I can't buy a whole jar of nutella, or else the whole thing will be gone within a week. I still buy the individual servings occasionally
I didn't know they sold individual servings now. That's brilliant! I'm going to get myself some and sub them in for my dark chocolate once in a while.

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You can make homemade Nutella. It's still not really healthy but at least it has recognizable ingredients. You basically just make hazelnut butter in a food processor and add dark cocoa powder, oil (usually canola, but I've seen recipes with coconut oil), and sweetener (usually powdered sugar, but I've seen recipes with natural sweeteners like powdered sucanat).

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I never tried Nutella. Last week in the check-out line at Walmart I saw these little individual packages that contained little bread sticks for dipping. I figured that was a way to see if I liked it. I didn't dislike it and I ate it all, but it was really no big deal to me. No enough to ever make me buy a jar of it. I'm so glad I at least tried it to satisfy my curiosity. Now I can add it to my short list of things I will never eat again.
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No fast food.

I have lost 22kgs, I don't want to see it again.
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I would never starve myslef to lose weight. I did that 13 years ago for my wedding - subsisted on carrot sticks with a small amount of peanut butter and diet Coke - and lost about 35 or 40 lbs in a few months and fit into the dress beautifully. But, I gained it all back and then some in the few months afterward.

I would also never rely only on diet to lose weight. I need the exercise because I am truly grumpy eating only 1200 calories a day and not exercising. I need to eat a bit more, and that means I'll just have to exercise.
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