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Originally Posted by PatLib View Post
That's nice but I guess I used the first person pronoun and not the second person pronoun because I was talking about myself.

I binge eat and I do not believe that I said you did and if you thought I was I apologize. For me choosing things off the lite menu is difficult because I want to eat that cheeseburger however I have job where I go out to eat a lot. The lite menu become a necessity in those situations, I cannot eat a hamburger with french fries and then split a dessert with someone three times a week. So, I try to make choices that are best for MY life.
I was saying it for my own benefit. Like everyone else here, I reinforce what works for me. The moment I split up a menu into good and bad foods makes me eat for reasons other than hunger. It builds up my resentment that I can't eat what I really want to eat and strokes the flames of my eating disorder. I have to consciously tell myself "all foods are equal, choose what you like and eat it mindfully and truly enjoy it." It's not second nature to me yet, that's why I have to repeat it like a mantra. I did not mean to direct it specifically at you, it's self directed and it keeps me from binging. There are plenty of others around the forums that describe foods as good and bad and it can be very triggering for me now that I'm learning that those labels do not apply to me anymore.
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Your post speaks to me! I have a friend who is doing the same thing with me. Wants to go out for pizza or some other fatty food. I have been dieting for 9 weeks and she has been "starting" for those 9 weeks. Last time I met her for lunch she kept at me to eat more! "Still have a bunch of pizza left" she kept saying. She was not happy with me.

I make sure I stay true to what I'm doing for me. I am the only one standing there when I weigh myself. I am the only one who will suffer because I let someone else tell me what to eat for their comfort.

You're doing great! Sept will be here sooner than you expect and you will be so happy you stayed with it!
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