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Default Renovating my house to distract from hunger

We have been living in our house for about 2 1/2 years. The sellers painted everything white when selling and my husband has been content to let the white remain.

The only real "eye sore" is the kitchen - awful old almond colored everything as far as counter tops, cabinets and cabinet doors, and oven range exhaust. Floor is a white and blue tile. Ew

Our appliances are black and white....just no. It is awful. And when the prev owners put up the cabinets, it is obvious they were doing it themselves. The doors are hung too close together so they constantly hit each other (so now most are damaged) or you have to open one door to open the door beside it because they are overlapping.

We dealt with it because the cost of gutting and rebuilding a kitchen was a bit too much to take on, considering other costs we had going on with life. The kitchen is completely functional, just ugly.

We had to redo one of the bathrooms when we moved in and that was a nightmare as we uncovered a lot of the previous owners "do it yourself" projects.

So now, I am almost 4 weeks into my diet and doing well (ZERO CHEATS! lol) but I never realized before how much TIME I put into eating or planning meals. (I am on OPTIFAST - a liquid shake diet so meal planning is as simple as "Hmm....vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ?")

My mother in law has been itching for me to get on Pinterest for I finally did while I was bored on my day off. Oh, my! The DIY section is like a drug to me now....

So. I have removed all the cupboard doors and my husband likes the "open shelving" look. Going to be priming and painting this weekend in nice soft but bright shades (mainly a lovely yellow) to hopefully liven up a small dull kitchen.

Will be painting the oven range with high heat white paint so it matches the rest of the appliances.

Then will be redoing the floor.

Once the kitchen is done, I am turning my attention to the "white" walls of the dining room and hall way - - It is really white paint slapped on top of wall paper so that is going to be a nightmare. Then on to the rest of the house!

Projects I have lined up:
1) Kitchen make over - Removing cupboard doors, painting exterior cupboards/drawers soft yellow, interior cupboards/drawers soft orange, repainting almond counter top to white, painting over old-fashioned flowered tiled back-splash soft orange, repainting window trim white, painting almond oven exhaust range white, replacing white/blue linoleum with a neutral/soft color.
2) Repainting dining room and connecting hallways - Scraping off the paint covered wall paper and repainting a faint/pale "burned orange".
3) Repainting upstairs and downstairs bathrooms. Upstairs - going from white walls and pinkish tiles to slate blue walls and white tiles. Downstairs - going from periwinkle and white walls to soft green with darker green accents.
4) Repainting master bedroom - going from white walls and dark brown trims to blue walls and white trim.
5) Repainting living room - going from white walls to green walls with a darker green "focus wall" on the wall with the fire place. Keeping the white trim for the moldings and the bow front window and window ledge.
6) Removing the wall paper from the down stairs kitchen (we have a finished raised ranch with an in law down stairs) and painting. Has a white and black theme with the cupboards - keeping that and adding accents as a trim and a contrasting color for the cupboard interior. (don't know what colors yet....probably won't get to this until next year)

Now, I know I won't be able to get all of these projects done in the next few months as I will be primarily doing them on the weekend....but it is enough to keep me focused on something other than what I am NOT eating!
Mostly doing them on my days off and not scattered for a few hours here and there during the week as when I am working on the main floor, the cats are going to be locked up in the in-law down stairs, and when working in the in-law the cats will be locked up in the main floor. Right now they are used to having full range of the house. No reason to punish the cats by having them locked up for weeks so I can squeeze in a couple extra hours here and there after work. Instead they are going to be locked up Thursday afternoons so I can work Thursday evening and on my days off which are Friday and Saturdays, then hubby can let the out on Sunday mornings when he wakes up. (I work Sun - Thurs with Fri/Sat off)

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Sounds exciting! I'm sure you will really enjoy your updated rooms!
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When we bought our house a couple years ago, I found that DIY projects also doubled as awesome functional fitness exercises. I also found that no matter how realistic I thought I was being in planning how long a project would take, everything takes three to four times longer. That might just be me, haha.

You also might try looking at Houzz - it's like Pinterest, but just for houses. Good luck with all your plans - sounds great!
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Thank you! I am excited....I am fully aware that even with my enthusiasm I could be working on these projects for the next few years! Especially the painting....once the heat has to come on I won't be able to paint the baseboards/have the windows open and that will put a kink in the painting plans. So....doing what I can for now and seeing what I can get done.

Hubby has his goals for the outside/yard. It works well with him on the outside and me on the inside as he hates painting and I am allergic to grass!
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