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I've tried POF and OKC as well. Good and bad luck on both. Shy guys, dull guys, sweet guys, and smart guys. It's a very mixed bag. I will admit, there were some weeeeeirdos that made me uncomfortable to the max. But that made the fun dates that much more worth it.

I actually try and meet up with the guy fairly quickly after messaging them (if they sound fun) because I want lots of stories for the first date. Plus, so many people are super friendly through text and then abnormally lifeless in person. O.o It's nice to know early.

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Thank you all for the replies!

I've heard first hand about the Nigerian scammers. It's a bit freaky.

I'm hoping I'll meet a guy when the time is right, in a common setting, perhaps a museum, library, through a friend, etcetera. I'm beginning to be more skeptical about the online dating. If I do try online dating again, I think I will try a paid Christian dating site.

Thank you for your support.

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OKC and POF are both ok, weed out on profiles, don't meet them unless you're ready, and always in public area. Don't let them take you home on the first date, etc (basically what everyone has said).

OR It's free. It's where groups get together and make new friends. There are tons of single groups. Some people go to the singles and just socialize, maybe get a number. There are also just groups for people of similar interests. I met my current Fiance at a meetup. It was bowling for nerdy type people (think WoW nerds, with a touch of MTG). I am into those things and was looking for new friends, I met Steve, he asked me out, 2 years later, we're getting married. I also got to make a lot of new friends!
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I hate dating sites, but if you're going to do it. Weed out the losers (you can usually tell which ones are within a few messages.)

If you do coffee always make it close to your place, traveling for coffee is a waste of your time. (I usually canceled on coffee because it was a waste for me to get dressed up for it.)

Guys who have to tell you they're a "Nice guy" aren't so run. Guys who come on too strong...well personally I think it's an unattractive quality and usually are douches. Guys who bring up sex or say the generic hey sexy, baby, honey, you seem sweet...I don't respond. LOL

I'm so picky, but they say when you're not looking he will come and I think thats true.
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Hi, thanks for the replies.

I just blocked a guy from OKC who is a true douche! Ugh, it gets so frustratingly, he was pretty creepy. He asked me twice if I wanted kids within the first few texts, then he was pressuring me to date him, yuck! I feel like I'm looking for a needle in a haystack...

Take care...

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