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Jillian stole my abs!
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Default Giving your scale a name!

Somewhere, here on 3FC, I ran across a thread where folks were giving there scale a name. *smiles*

So, I've been thinking, about this, and naming my scale.

In the original context, most had frilly, feminine stuff. I don't have a problem with that, but if I'm going to name my scale, it's not gonna be like butterfly/rainbow/kisses!

If my scale could talk to me, I'd love a masculine, sexy, french voice!

If you could name your scale, what would you do?
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Satan. Lol
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I named mine "SilverWing." The last one was "Smaug," may it burn in ****
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I'm gonna call mine b*tch soooo every time I get on it I can say b*tch pleeeeeease! Lol
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I would name mine, but all it would show here is ******* ****!!!
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Yeah, add me to the ones who would name theirs something "starry"!
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I would name mine George Clooney and tell everyone, everyday that I had to get on George just that morning. <wink>
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beautiful bright soul :)
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Definitely depends on the day!

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I would name mine "Please B'Kind".
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I Can & I Will!
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ROFL!!! These are hilarious. I'd name mine PITA, 'cause it's a royal pain in the ***. My house is so old the floors aren't exactly even anymore so I have to tap each corner before I stand on it to make sure it's flat. Otherwise I'll stand on it 3 times and get 3 different weights. LOL However as soon as my refund comes I'll be getting a more stable one.
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I'll name mine Dale because it rhymes!

Or maybe something that alludes to the fact that it's around 10lbs off and older than me?
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Useless.... I call it that frequently....
It doesn't seem to reflect progress appropriately. I'll weigh the same thing for a week and drop 3# in a day. I find more motivation from my clothes being loose. Etc. but I don't want to lose the daily accountability, so the relationship with useless continues....
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This is a great thread. I think I would call mine Richard. Just so I could use the shortened version of that name when it ticks me off. lol!
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On break from 3FC.
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Haha! Fun!

Mine is named Balthazar Jones.

I was going to name it Balrog, because it's a demon from the underworld, but it seemed unoriginal. And it's not sinister, it's just beguiling, manipulative and sly.
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