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S/C/G: See ticker!

Height: 5'0


Most- Egg Noodles. I'm actually okay with all other pastas and can eat them in moderation, but I have trouble with egg noodles (ground beef stroganoff, swedish meatballs, beef stew over them, egg noddles w/cream of chicken- most of my old favorite foods involve egg noodles, what??). Also tortillas, whether they be whole wheat, corn, or white! I eat wheat ones in moderation, however.

Least- Sweets. Never been much cake, cookies, etc... fan. And bread.
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S/C/G: 212/156/145

Height: 5' 4"


Nearly any sweet baked good and then hot, fresh bread.

I love a REALLY GOOD slice of pizza. But since where I live there is no such thing, it's not been a problem (I see a LOT of you have mentioned pizza).

Pretty much any pasta but there was a place nearby that I found with the BEST mac 'n cheese made with long macaroni that I was going to try to replicate. And no sooner did I finally buy long macaroni than I decided to go low carb again so it sits in the closet. I will make it sometime but pair it with protein whereas before I just would have scarfed nothing but the pasta.
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keto on
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S/C/G: 288/ticker/180

Height: 5'4"


My most tempting is french fries by far. My least tempting is anything sweet.
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S/C/G: 258/146ish/146ish

Height: 5' 5


I limit my carbs right now to fruits and veggies mostly
Most temping carbs:

Anything fried. I love french fries, onion rings, tator tots, chicken strips, and I think that is connected with the fact I love to dip stuff in ketchup and sauces.

I love frosting. Not all frosting... Mostly buttercream frosting or wedding cake frosting. I like cake too but can leave the cake and eat the frosting.

I don't like all pasta... I don't like spaghetti and meatballs but I do love the fattiest stuff like stuffed shells, chicken or seafood alfredo, etc... I don't eat pasta much because I serving is so small.

Least favorite: Rice... Just not worth it to me in calories and would rather eat something else, beans(pinto, black,) etc... Could do without a bake potato. I don't crave bread anymore so that goes here.
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Getting healthy!
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Height: 5'7"


Most tempting: Rice(especially stick rice), Italian bread, some lighter pasta.
Least tempting: Pizzas, fried foods, cake treats, most heavy pastas... Bascially anything that's considered heavy is really gross to me.
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S/C/G: 80.2kg/66kg/60kg x2.2 for lb

Height: 165cm/5' 4.5"


Whej people say the crave pasta, and that its a problem is it the pasta that's a problem of what you put on top of it. If its the latter, why not just learn to eat it a low calorie way?

Same for bread rice and potatoes.

Anyway i eat all of those and have no problem with them.

Only sweet stuff i have no control over. Of course if i was in a binge mode, i could binge on steak even, or lettuce, (probably not lettuce) but cheese, nuts, anything that tastes strongly.

Incidentally, not many people seem to know this but basmati rice is the lowest GI of all the rices and its is a good source of carbs. Low calorie and goes perfectly with curries and beans and most asian foods. Being low GI means its slower to pass through your stomach so it satisfies for longer, as does whole grain bread and other whole grains. Pasta made from durum wheat also has lasting satisfaction.

but if you need to smother everything in cheese or cream sauces, yes you will be in trouble. ditto bread with jams, sauces and other high fat and high sugar foods. I find two plain slices of wholegrain bread rather satisfying if i'm in a fix.
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Blessed Person Here
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S/C/G: Going/Still going/Gone

Height: 5' 1''


Most tempting is RICE, RICE, RICE. The only food I never get tired of. I guess I was asian in my previous life.
Least tempting...may be biscuits. None that I can think of right now anyway
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