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Default New And In Desperate Need!

hello guys, I saw this site through a Google search. I was searching if it was possible to drop down from a size 28 to a Size 4. I can't say I know what sort of body frame I have. I know I once wore a size 16 in jeans, and that was when I was like 16-17 years old. I'm not 22 and have been homeless multiple times, happy to eat any food I could get. Which unfortunately wasn't always the best of choices. And here I am almost 300 pounds and life is becoming more and more hard. I don't want to live in the physical state I'm in. I bought a few dresses online as motivation. I am not celebrity rich and don't want to spend a fortune on workout things that won't work. I've decided that its time to change. The dresses are either a size ten or 4. Its a 26 inch waist. I have hips, I think...I don't know, let's just assume I'm wide. Is it possible? Im willing to work as hard as necessary. The dress is gorgeous!! I have tried losing weight and can't seem to. I'm getting desperate. I can't keep waking up in the middle of The night in pain, sweating and out of breath.

Yeah Sizes 3-4 it looks like.
I don't want sympathy, I just need help and honesty. If its not possible ...I don't want to have my hopes on it, for it to be crushed. Can anyone get down to a size three or only certain body types?
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Sixteen Views And No One Has ANY advice, help, info or a friendly little anecdote for me? I can't get the dress tailored because its made of a mesh material and has a belt that is not removable. I came on here looking for help. Now I hope i didnt come to the wrong site.
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i think if someone is determined and motivated enough, they can do anything they want. I am not familiar with the sizes you've mentioned, so I can't advise you on that, but maybe once you start losing weight you might find you're happy just dropping a few dress sizes. Losing weight can do wonders for your health and self esteem, but maybe see a doctor first, to see if they have any direction to point you in with regards to healthy and sustainable weight loss and safe exercise. Best of luck!
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Thank you for replying =)
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It really depends on your body shape and structure. I know that I could never wear a size 4. I'm a massive pear shape and even though I've lost almost 50 pounds I've only lost 3 inches off my hips. I've lost the same off my waist which started off 13 inches smaller. A size 10 would be much more realistic, especially if you're starting off at almost 300 pounds. A size 10 is actually my goal size, again due to the huge hips and I'm actually not sure if I'll make it. I'm quite content in my 12s though.
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Hi kairikatastrophy - Welcome to 3 Fat Chicks,

Hope you find what you need here. It can help to look around and find a group where you feel that you fit.

Some things about 3FC:
  • Most 'views' are by non-registered folks looking in - they can't post; don't plan to. You can rack up hundreds of views before an active member shows up.
  • The 'Lighten Up' thread is for humor - however poorly named the thread is on a site where loosing weight could use that name. People reading here are looking for a joke. I've moved your thread to 'General Chatter' where it might find more folks who know about choosing an eating plan, choosing an exercise plan, finding a support group, and altering clothes.

And have a Happy New Year! Your post straddled the incoming year - not that many people are up early on New Years Day.
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As others have said, it's really hard to say if it's possible for you to get to a size 4. We don't know your body type or frame. Also, sizes vary so much from store to store because vanity sizing is more and more prevalent.

You don't need to spend a fortune on workout things! You don't even need an expensive gym membership. These are nice things to have, but if you're just starting off, you definitely don't need it.

I don't understand the part in your post where you're talking about the dress sizes. Are they a size 10? Are they a size 4? Did you get a range of sizes?

Take a deep breath. If you need inspiration, go visit the "Goals" section of the forum. There are some amazing women and men on here who have worked hard and made major transformations!

Most people agree that diet is a bigger part of weight loss than exercise.
Look at what you're eating day to day. Is it a lot of junk/snack foods? A lot of fast food? Try to eat more vegetables and fruit. More protein. Portion size is very important too.

Will you drop three sizes overnight? No. Is there a magic quick-fix? Nope. Generally speaking, slow and steady wins the race.

3FC also has some great support groups where you can join in and discuss your progress and obstacles with others.
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I would find it difficult to focus on trying to go from 300 pounds to a size 4. Heck, I find it difficult enough to think about getting back into size 8 pants. I gave away all the pants I had outgrown as I gained weight, they never "motivated" me to change, they just reminded me that I'd gained weight. (Now they just look great on my friend!)

Instead I focus on one day at a time, one meal at a time, one walk at a time, one choice at a time.

If you've tried to lose weight before and had problems, spending money on dresses that are 24 sizes smaller than you are now might not be the best investment. See about talking to your doctor about health issues, or going to a nutritionist for meal plans and follow up.
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Really it depends on your body if you will ever get to a size 4. I am tall with an hourglass shape without the breasts. This means I have wide shoulders, a wide upper rib cage, then a drastically smaller waist, and wide hips.

This runs in my family. At her smallest my mother was drastically underweight, and a size 14, she was starving herself trying to get into 12s. That was in the 80s so more comparable to a size 6 or so now.

Because of this I don't expect to get that low.

It is possible you can but it is just as possible you can't

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welcome they've all given you good advice

my one other comment would be to where you say you wake up in the middle of the night in pain, sweating and out of breath....that is NOT NORMAL for people of any size...if you are truly waking out a sound sleep sweating and unable to breath, go see a doctor me that sounds like heart issues but i'm not a medical doctor
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It will take a lot of hard work, but you may be able to get to that size. It really depends on your body. Personally, I have a large frame and I could never wear that size. That doesn't mean you can't look great in other clothes though.

My suggestion is to calorie count. All weight loss comes down to calories consumed versus calories burned. Find a site that will calculate your daily calorie needs and start from there. If you have a smartphone, I suggest trying the MyFitnessPal app and keeping a food journal.

Start with cutting out or back on soda and sweetened drinks. Try to drink more water. Don't tell yourself you CAN'T have something, because then you'll likely give up. Just learn to limit your portions and make healthy replacements. Eat more fiberous foods to stay full longer. Cut back on non-complex carbs, such as pasta, white rice and white bread. Shoot for whole wheat or whole grain. Just do your research. Check out sites like Prevention, Women's Health, and Shape.

Good luck!
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