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Default Baby fever, anyone else want a baby?

I used to not want kids. Then June 2011 I experienced a miscarriage before I even knew I was pregnant. Since then I have wanted a baby. We stopped birth control on Sunday.

I want a baby but also it seems so scary!

Anyone else consumed by thoughts of babies?
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Just Me
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Well I wish you good luck but no, I think I have anti baby fever I have a new niece who is lovely and was a sweet little angel when we visited. I held her for an hour or so while she slept. She was incredibly adorable but it really cemented my idea of not having children. I love kids though so I can't wait until she is older to interact with her more.
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I have had baby fever.. and still do. On Christmas day we got a positive, but it didn't workout for me.

Still trying, with no luck!

Good luck to you and please, don't let it drive you bonkers. I have to admit, it makes me breakdown once in a while when I see a BFN.

(BFN = Big fat negative, BFP = Big fat positive)
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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I have baby fever!

Good luck to you!
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I have a three and a five year old who I love dearly but they drive me pretty crazy so no baby fever here lol. I photograph newborns so I get my baby fix on a regular basis.

Good luck with the baby making! It IS scary having a baby but also amazing and rewarding.
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My baby fever is bad news bears. My IUD comes out next Tuesday and then we're going with the "whatever happens happens" approach.
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On a break with Baby #5
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I went from a desire for kids 'some day' to a really intense longing for them when I got married. Seven years and four kids later it still hasn't let up - I just can't think of a better thing here on earth to pour out my time, energy, and money than the raising of people

We'll see when I'm pregnant with #5 - we're not preventing for multiple reasons, and my cycles are completely weird because of nursing. But I'll be excited whenever (or if ever!) we conceive another. I can't imagine life without my precious kids and phenomenal husband!

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Staying the Same
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The idea of being pregnant sounds mighty unappealing and I am not interested in infants and toddlers or pretty much any person under age 6 or 7.

But I get it, I really do. I've gone from "I am 100% sure I want to be sterilized" to "Maybe when I'm 40" so who knows.
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I adore babies. I'll admit I get a bit wistful when I see a tiny baby in someone's arms. But it's a fleeting feeling. I was like a third parent to both of my step siblings and while I love them very much, the whole ordeal has made me realize I don't really want to be a parent.

Even if I wanted to have a child, there's another reason I can't.

I'm not willing to bring a child into this world for fear of one day losing them to one thing or another. I have seen parents lose their children and the pain they have suffered. I've seen my elderly grandmother lose her oldest child (my aunt, 61, who was like a mother to me) to cancer earlier this year and it completely broke her. I couldn't handle the loss of my child like that. The idea of my child suffering through something with no relief in sight breaks my heart. And even if there weren't natural causes taking them away from me, there's always the deranged lunatic at school shootings or a careless driver. I really don't want to upset anyone but these reasons are real and frightening enough for me.

Besides, I'm in nursing school at the moment, so if I decide to go the OB/Maternity route, I'll be surrounded by babies. Lots and lots of babies! That'll take care of my temporary baby fix.

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It used to be when my baby fever got too bad, I would go to Walmart and walk around. About 15 minutes in a Walmart, and I would run out of there fever-free. Unfortunately, now it's so bad that even screaming, snotty, crazy kids do not get on my nerves nor do they help with the fever. I am not in a place (financially, professionally, personally) to have a baby, so I try to just avoid them.
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Leveling Up
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I'm sort of leaning towards not having kids.

I "wanted" kids in the sense that it was simply what the next course of action was. People normally got married, had kids, etc.—it's simply just what was done.

As I grew up I began to doubt this. While I would talk about "when I have kids" deep down I wasn't sure I wanted them. If I'm not 100% sure then I shouldn't have any as far as I'm concerned (it's one of the reasons I broke off my engagement. My fiance wanted kids and I didn't think it was fair to jump into marriage if I wasn't sure).

I love kids—it's one of the reasons why I'm a teacher—I just don't know if I want any of my own.
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Hi, I'm Lauren! :)
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Originally Posted by sontaikle View Post
I love kids—it's one of the reasons why I'm a teacher—I just don't know if I want any of my own.

This sounds like me completely. I enjoy kids and that's why I'm going into the education field as well, but I really don't know if I want any of my own. I'm kinda going with the idea of if I was meant to have them, I'll have them. Meaning, if the cards play right and I get into a loving relationship and both of us wants kids, then I'll have kids. But until that happens, there will be no child bearing for me.
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I have baby fever pretty bad right now but I know I am wanting the baby part not the having a 5th child part. lol I know in my heart that 4 was enough for me so I had a tubal done in March. Now I am both sad and relieved that it has been done because I miss having a baby around but I know that our family is perfect as it is. So I really just have somebody around me have a baby so I can hold them fever.
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They idea of being pregnant really doesn't appeal to me and I really don't know why. Most people in my family and extended family have had incredibly easy pregnancies overall so I don't have some negative connotation to it.

I know this sounds weird but the idea of growing a baby sounds so much more exhausting than raising one! Which I realize is wrong and totally irrational but for some reason that is my emotional response to pregnancy!

I think though I would like to have a kid and adopt one. So many kids need a home and this way I don't have to get pregnant!
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Trying to be in the 160s
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I bust my ar$e to get some. Had two at once.

Both boys.

They are now smashing up my place.

So I have the baby fever vaccine. PM me address if need a vial.

Case in point.

Kitchenware becomes hats. WTF?

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