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Smile I was just given my grandmothers thimble collection!!! (Photos)

YAY!!! Well my grandmother has severe altzheimers and is in a home. I am here in Wyoming visiting. I just thought her collectible thimbles were just all so unique and beautiful.

So my grandpa (Be aware I am adopted by his daughter-a relative-by blood he is my GREAT grandpa) said it was up to his two kids if I could inherit them when she passed my mom and my grandma-her sister. My mom was totally okay with it and my grandma (the daughter) said, "As far as I'm concerned they should go to you!" So it was settled.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. My grandma has learned you have to enjoy life while you can as 2 of her 3 husbands died younger than average (One actually being in his 30s) SO she told my grandpa how they are down stairs with no one going down there and no one to enjoy them and how you just have to live life.

He let me have them NOW. EEP!!! YAY!!! I saw one made of abalone and another of china and it's all just so lovely!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!! I love my grandma so much. Saw her today. Even thought she has altzheimers she's still as sweet as ever. Such a terrible disease. I am going to continue her collection.


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That's so special! Yay for you! I'm glad you can enjoy them now, and I know she knows how much they mean to you.

My favorite Aunt is in an alzheimers home now, and before she got really bad, she had me come over and gave me her antique china cabinet and all of her depression glass dishes. We had collected most of it together it over my lifetime -- lots of fun hours in flea markets! She collected the pattern Miss America and always called me "her Miss America," though she hasn't been able to recall my name in several years now. sigh... I love her so. I'm so proud to have it. I'm the only one that I know of that she actually gave anything to. Her boys sold most everything else when they sold her home... what a shame. SO, cherish those thimbles. They mean a lot!
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: ). I'm glad you have something to remember your Great Grandmother by. That is an awesome collection.
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Your story is so sweet - it really brightened my day. Grandmothers and extended family can be very special. My grandmother collected buttons and I have some of her collection. It means a lot to me to have those mementos.

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They are beautiful!

I empathize with you regarding Alzheimer's, a family member of mine has that too, sad.

Take care, enjoy this beautiful collection!
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They are lovely!!!

Sorry to hear about your grandma.
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What a lovely way to remember her! I am glad that you have them.
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