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Default Oprah Winfrey - Billionaire and still overweight

OK is it just me or do others realize that for some people overweight is just as bad an addiction as alcoholism???
Oprah Winfrey is a Billionaire and she hasn't been able to keep the weight off. I mean really if I was that rich I would have someone cooking for me all day and have great exercise equipment and any other thing I needed. She has all that and has gotten big again. You would think that the media would be all over this. I am tired of being told - if you only had willpower you could lose - just shut your mouth and the weight won't pile on.
I think obesity is the hardest addiction to overcome or deal with! If you are alcoholic you DON'T have to have alcohol to live! If you are a food addict you still HAVE to eat to live. There is no "OK I won't eat anymore so no more food addiction". Is it just me?????? I am NOT trying to make excuses. I guess I am just tired of being thought of as just a fat, lazy slob! All other areas of my life - I am in control of..............
Yes I am losing but have been fat since day 1 - dieted ALL my life and still doing it! Yes I know - lifestyle change. Call it what you want same thing LOL!!! What are your thoughts?
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ahhh...the power of food. I don't think a trainer or the exercise equipment matter that much, since you can't out exercise a bad diet.

Oprah, and many other celebs that struggle with their weight, could have a personal chef, but I guess in the end there are only so many way to make healthy low calorie foods. Plus having all that money also gives you access to more delicious foods... I mean, there are delicious gourmet cupcakes that pack in 500+ calories...

shows these people are still human like everyone else and for the most part we all have to do the same thing, calories in and calories out...
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I've learned that food addiction is almost always carb addiction, or carb/fat combos and high glycemic carbs especially (the carbs in bread, pasta, sweets... not the carbs in broccoli).

As such it is quite possible to abstain from the addictive component in food, it's just not socially acceptable to do so.

Paleo and other low-glycemic diets are still considered unhealthy or freakish.

No one "needs" cheesecake or Doritos, but suggest a life without empty carbs, and many respond as if you suggested giving up sex. Some would even prefer giving up sex rather than their comfort foods.

Once you understand the physiology of food addiction, you can no longer say, "I can't avoid my addictive substance."

No one is obese because they're overdosing on lean protein, berries, salad, and non-starchy, low-carb vegetables like broccoli.

You can become and remain obese though on a diet that is commonly assumed to be healthy. I maintained a very high weight on a "healthy" diet, because I didn't see the harm in "healthy" fats, starches, and sugars (especially in combination).

Then I read David Kessler's book, The End of Overeating, and Paleo diet books, and realized I could easily learn to recognize and eliminate every single "addictive" food.

Learning to accept the necessity of doing so is an entirely different battle, as is learning to deal with the pervasiveness of carbs and carb-pushers in the food environment.

How well would heroine addicts do if heroine was sold in every store and if 90% of food and drink were laced with it - if everyone believed it was essential to quality of life and if everyone - Granny, pastor, boss, coworker... were pushing the stuff, often free from cradle to grave.

What I find craziest is how minimal my carb cravings are when I abstain from high-glycemic carbs. If I keep a "clean" food environment at home, abstainance is a breeze, until I leave my house.

I don't entirely abstain from starch and sugar, but I have to admit that it is not because abstinance isn't possible, but because it's damned inconvenient.

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I don't see what being a billionaire has to do with losing weight. I mean yes, it would be nice if I had personal chef, a personal trainer, and a life coach following me around policing my every bite but at the end of the day.... why does it matter so much to lose weight? I think Oprah looks great. I don't think she needs to lose weight for me to think of her as strong and beautiful. It's quite obvious she is NOT lazy. I don't criticize her for her fluctuations in weight either.

It's very difficult to look at famous people and think of them as normal, they permeate the tabloids, the tv, pop culture in general. In real life they're not all that great looking, believe me. I live in NYC and I spot celebrities all the time. They are not glossy or perfect. Kate Moss walked right up to me and asked to bum a cigarette off me. Her face was full of acne, no lie! Stars are not perfect.
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Maybe she's just happy the way she is.I know some overweight people don't want to lose weight.As rich and informed as she is, I'm sure she still cares about her health but just eats what she wants, still exercises and has come to the fact that she just like to eat..IDK..
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I totally get what you're saying. I actually think in some ways, though, it's harder for Oprah. She has to attend all these events with lots of foods that she actually doesn't have control over. I'm not making excuses for her either but I can see how that would be tough on a food addict. Can you tell I like Oprah?

On the flip side, I often think it would be nice to have access to chefs, personal trainers, etc. Heck, I could pay someone to count calories for me and follow me around and not let me eat if I shouldn't. If stressed, I could make sure I get a massage and not eat. That sort of thing.

However, we're all just human and we shouldn't be judged for having difficulties controlling our food intake. I actually hate having this problem, but not as much as I hate having a son with special needs (breaks my heart actually on a regular basis and he's already a teenager) or having chronic daily migraines (of varying severity).

I think we need to accept that struggle is part of the human condition and most people struggle with something. I'd rather have this food addiction, for instance, than having the inability to get food and starving to death. I'm not sure if that's helpful or not....I"m just rambling I guess.

I think you should come here and vent though. I know I do and it really helps because none of this is easy....and we should all do a group hug for trying so hard.
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she has problems with her hormones and thyroid ...something like that.
she spoke about that a lot, about her weight gain and struggling to keep it off. there are several shows where she opened up about all her problems regarding weight and she said she had special meals prepared and exercise regimen etc but she still gained weight. she's just like one of us girls. being billionaire doesn't mean you don't get to deal with normal people type of problems
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Could not agree more about carbs. The obesity epedemic almost one to one with carbs replacing fats.

Carbs raise insulin and get stored not used. So you eat and STORE but not use the calories. You get hungry again and eat more. And you are tired because carbs are not good for energy. Sometimes we make things so hard and it isn't that simple just too much carbs. But for 90% plus of overweight people carbs are the single biggest reason.

Great link below IMHO
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Yes, Oprah did talk about her thyroid issue and how that's made it difficult for her to lose weight.

Personally, at think she may have also just decided to accept herself as she is, at her weight. It's not like losing weight has stopped her from doing anything in her life. And probably, at this age, she's come to the conclusion she probably doesn't need to look like a model.

So, why obsess?

Agree that just because you have the money doesn't mean it's easier or better. I would hate to have someone policing what I eat -- I would rebel even more!!!!
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I take issue with the view that the media does not mention Oprah's weight issues. IMO, they mention it all. the. time. They discount her successes because she's rich and can afford all those chefs and personal trainers, and take glee when she regains.

There are a lot of big billionaires, most of them men. They are not judged the same.
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I disagree that having more money doesn't make it easier. And it doesn't have to be anywhere near Oprah levels of money.

The author of Fast Food Nation has a powerful 10 year follow-up essay posted here:

It points out that not only do we have unprecendented levels of wealth disparity but now eating, fitness, and pretty soon living expectancy as well.

Many poorer people live in literal food islands: no supermarkets and they don't have money for transportation. I know it is odd to most of us but they literlaly only have junk food.

And fast food companies are targeting the poor and minorities as wealthier whites abandon them.

So I do think it is odd Oprah doesn't do better. But you know where else I think it is odd? There are a lot of white male college and pro coaches that are HUGE. I remember there was a Kansas Jayhawk football coach that was huge. That seems insane to me. They are literally surrounded by the best food and best fitness coaches on the planet.

Some of the earlier posts pointed out Oprah would be surrounded by a lot of temptations at parties and such and that is true. But on the flip side she can be having the most amazing healthy low-carb full nutrition gourmet meals at every meal if she wanted. The best home equipment and gym and the best trainers. I truly think that would be more than enough for a lot possibly the majority of overweight people to get in pretty darn good shape and weight.
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I saw one show where Oprah was discussing addictions. She said she understood what the people were going through, thatt an addiction is an addiction all the same and her addiction was food.

As kaplods so clearly explained it is not food that is the problem it is the carbs.
I think the reason that so many people are overweight is because our lives have become so busy. Protein and veggies requires cooking or at least some prep. It is much easier to grab to the high fat/high carb addicting junk that is always within reach.

Oprah must have an extremely busy lifestyle with much travel involved. This does help a metabolism that is not great in the first place.
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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
No one is obese because they're overdosing on lean protein, berries, salad, and non-starchy, low-carb vegetables like broccoli.
Bravo, kaplods. Great comment! It is so hard to gain weight when eating a good, clean diet... but then sticking to that diet with all of the carb-y, processed junk that seems to be everywhere can be hard.

If I had a million or a few million dollars, I don't think that making healthy food choice every day would be any easier.
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Originally Posted by PaleoPeanut View Post
Bravo, kaplods. Great comment! It is so hard to gain weight when eating a good, clean diet... but then sticking to that diet with all of the carb-y, processed junk that seems to be everywhere can be hard.

If I had a million or a few million dollars, I don't think that making healthy food choice every day would be any easier.

Thanks for the compliment. I think unlimited fundage would be a blessing and a curse. I would be able to pay someone to shop for hubby and I, and hubby and I would have to keep separate pantries and refrigerators (and I probably shouldn't have the key).

Hubby is overweight, diabetic, and dieting too, but he chooses to eat higher carb than I do (FAR less than he used to, but still more than I want to).

But the problem would be the genie-like power of being mega-rich. Have a craving for food from anywhere in the world, it can be in your hands within minutes, 24 hours at he longest.

How easy would it would be to say, "I'm craving pastries, let's go to France!"

But were unlimited wealth would be a mixed blessing, there's nothing mixed about poverty. It can be virtually impossible in some cases. Even our brush with a $25/month food budget can't be compared with chronic poverty. We still had a reliable vehicle in good condition, and we always had access (even if only by visiting family) to a Sunday paper and the internet for sales and coupons and enough money for gas to take advantage of opportunities. And I had a master's degree education (in psychology) that gave me the skills to take every advantage available to us. I had many years experience helping other people access community services, so I knew where to look, and how to find what I needed.

I can't compare what we could do to a family living in an inner city slum with no job, no transportation, no family in a better situation and no more than a 5th grade education.
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I'm going to throw this out there, too. I think it is easier for Oprah to come to terms with being fat because being overweight/obese is less of a stigma for black women than it is for white women. For whatever cultural reasons, it is what it is.
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