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Oprah has a thyroid disorder. She did a show about it.

Thyroid disorders can make it hard to keep off the weight.
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She's obviously comfortable with herself. If I had that much money I would have all kinds of cosmetic procedures but that's me. I admit to being vain.
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I don't see any evidence in her interviews past or present that show she is accepting of her weight rather the opposite. I think her wealth allows for a more comfortable life to live as an obese woman however I think she is still obsessed with her weight and underneath it all a deeply wounded woman.
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At the same time, there are a lot of famous rich women who are unhappy with their lives, and making choices that many of us don't make that they are unhappy with but cannot seem to overcome. It doesn't really make me feel like "ok if rich women can't do it it means that this goal is far harder than I assume" It doesn't mean that its easy, but I just don't know if its an indication that its extremely agonizing for me personally (depends on the individual and the ordeals that they face - I'm not on the streets or something super serious like that)

I don't think its too hard not to end up like Tara Reid or Lindsay Lohan for ME for example because I don't face those Disney star tween Hollywood pressure like they might. Plus Oprah does may more other stuff than I do. I don't really have THAT much in my life to worry about. Being a celeb, even if they make a lot of money, can add a lot of pluses and minuses, depending on which famous person it is. If everyone looked at my weight, I don't know if it would inspire me to stay fit, or end up causing self-consciousness and being too hard on myself.
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Originally Posted by Wannabeskinny View Post
I don't see what being a billionaire has to do with losing weight. I mean yes, it would be nice if I had personal chef, a personal trainer, and a life coach following me around policing my every bite but at the end of the day.... why does it matter so much to lose weight? I think Oprah looks great. I don't think she needs to lose weight for me to think of her as strong and beautiful. It's quite obvious she is NOT lazy. I don't criticize her for her fluctuations in weight either.

It's very difficult to look at famous people and think of them as normal, they permeate the tabloids, the tv, pop culture in general. In real life they're not all that great looking, believe me. I live in NYC and I spot celebrities all the time. They are not glossy or perfect. Kate Moss walked right up to me and asked to bum a cigarette off me. Her face was full of acne, no lie! Stars are not perfect.
thats funny I'm in NYC too and I've only seen the opposite. Whenever I spot a famous person they are always far more beautiful or at least just as beautiful in real life! Depends on which one I suppose, I haven't seen Kate moss (yet).
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