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Days Go By So Quickly
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Default What are you rewarding yourself with when you hit your GOAL!

So, I have a few rewards for mini goals, but for my MAIN goal of 160, I'm getting a tattoo. When I say tattoo, I mean one that covers my entire back and side that trails down my leg a bit. I mean BIG. I have one now but its fading and looks shitty so I'm getting it lightened and going to reward myself with this new one.

What are you rewarding yourself with when you hit you MAIN goal?
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Europe. .. Well either way I am going since its with school, but I am hoping to be at goal by then and that can be my reward! I'll be way to poor because of the trip to afford anything else LOL!
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I've really been considering this and I think I want a professional photoshoot with my husband. I'm not terribly excited about our engagement and wedding photos because of my body and my hair/makeup. I'd really love to have some high-quality ones that aren't diminished by how I feel about how I look. I've been looking up prices tonight and I think it will only be a couple hundred bucks, which to me feels like a good magnitude of money
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A baby, hopefully. We could try now, but I want to be healthy so I can have a safer pregnancy.
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Amazing Revelations
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a colourful 'going out' dress! all my 'going out' clothes are plain black, navy ect, I want a dress that has colours, and maybe detail like lace around the collar.

something like this!
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Saving up money so I can buy a new wardrobe for when I lose weight.

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A professional family photo. It's way overdue!
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Making it a lifestyle!
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I hadn't really thought about it much... being at goal will be a big reward in and of itself! But I imagine I might like to buy a nice new outfit or two. I've always hated clothes shopping (mostly because I hated the way my body looked and didn't feel pretty in anything ) but as my weight goes down I'm gradually getting less ambivalent about it.
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I honestly have no idea - but you have definitely got me thinking about it now. Perhaps a whole new wardrobe, or heaps of skinny jeans? A trip somewhere? I will definitely have to continue brainstorming.
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Wow if I ever actually got to my main goal weight....I'd buy nice clothes to show off my new body!
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Well, this isn't so much a goal weight reward but a fitness reward. I've been running for two years and lifting heavy weights for 8 months and after I lose some weight my legs are going to look awesome. After I deem my legs great (And after my January wedding for monetary reasons) I'm going to get thigh tattoos dealing with overcoming fears. I have the quote but I haven't finished the tattoo design.
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Aloha nui loa
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Life long maintenance.

I will never take maintenance for granted again. I was within 3 pounds of my goal weight and then little by little I let go of my discipline, made excuses, and cut corners. I've struggled ever since.

When and if I can maintain my goal weight, well, that will be the biggest gift and reward I could give myself
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Well by the time I hit goal I'll have turned 18.... So a couple things.

#1 Being a model online (Just online-like on a blog) and MAYBE one day modeling for an online store. That's my dream right now.

#2 TATTOOS!!! Not a lot. Just some near by hip bones (Like a floral vine kind of thing) and a gay pride tattoo on my wrist!

I totally had forgot I would 18 by then (My bday is in the end of November)

Edit: OH OH OH and a belly button piercing.... on the bottom lol

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A baby!
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