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Default Said Good-Bye to My Scooter Dog Yesterday.

Yesterday my sweet little yorkie, Scooter crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I'm heart broken and can't quit crying. I feel sick. We knew this day was coming but I still wasn't prepared. How can you be ready?

He had cancer. It was very aggressive and stole him from me. I knew in my heart we would lose him early this year. I was thinking January, but I got an extra whole month with my Stinky dog.

He was tiny "Runner 5." Every day since I started my weight loss journey, his tiny paws hit the dirt walking and running with me. Today as I worked out with his best friend, my pitbull Liberty, I kept looking behind me and caught myself wanting to call for him. My Libby dog kept smelling where he'd been and running up to lick my hand.

I am lost without him. I wasn't ready to let him go. The pain is so intense. How do I lessen it?

I wrote on my blog about him and posted pics from yesterday.

We were at least his 3rd home. We had him for 7 years. He drove me crazy with his barking. If I wasn't holding him, he was barking for me. He was my little buddy, my baby, my cuddle bug. And now, he's gone.

How do I lessen this pain?????
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Raven, I am so sorry. I have had to go through that experience , while the pain never goes completely away it will ease up a little in time. Try and concentrate on the wonderful times you had together and remember your precious friend has no more pain.
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so sorry for you loss
Dogs are so accepting ..they love you just the way you are ...for yourself ..Not for What potential you could be..
There is a Country Song that is called I want you to love me like my dog does,I think by Billy Carrington and it puts in words how they love unconditionally.
From reading your post your little buddy left a Big Paw Print on your heart.
You had 7 years together which for your little buddy was the happiest years of his life.

A life is not measured by how long they lived but the impact it had on the world.
A life well lived

I hope you find comfort in knowing how much joy you brought to your little buddy. The missing and longing never goes away just learn how to take that special relationship you had and the live lessons you were taught and pay it forward in a way that honors your best Bud and makes you able to share your heart without fear of loss but of pure joy.
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Default My hugs and support to you Raven


I am SO sorry for your loss. That has to be so difficult and I am so sorry for your difficulty and loss. My heart truly goes out to you. Take it easy, be gentle with your precious self. God bless you and your doggie.

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So sorry, RavenWolf, for your loss. I have a pillow that says "Some day I hope to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am." About says it all. Unconditional love with a wet nose.
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sorry to hear about your dog, I lost one of my dear kitties this week so I know your pain right now. After losing pets so often, I've learned losing them one day is just going to be part of being a pet owner. So I give them the best life I possibly can, so when it's their time to go I can think I gave them lots of love and a good life - instead of them being strays on the street or being put down in a pound- and it's not so bad then. I also just think I have another angel looking after me, hopefully looking after me as well as I looked after them. And then I open my heart to another pet and start the whole process again.
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I teared up and had a huge lump in my throat reading this. I have yet to go through the experience of losing a furry loved one but I know one day, I will, ugh.... I love Ringmaster's idea- another angel looking after you.

I am so very sorry for your loss!!
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I'm sorry Raven, it hurts so to lose our furbabies.
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Hugs Raven. I know the feeling you have right now and no words could possibly make you feel better right now. Take comfort in how much he loved you (and you loved him!) and that your home for the last 7 years made his life so comfortable.

You'll never forget him, he will live on in your memory and soon you'll be remembering all the cute and funny things he did. The tears will be replaced with smiles, I promise you. *hugs*
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Default re:

I just had my dog put down 2nd week of January and I KNOW that feeling you're having now. That pit in your stomach lasted an entire week for me, but I swear it does get better.
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