So, Texas...

  • Specifically the Bryan-College Station area...

    Anybody know anything about it?? We're moving there at the end of July. Let me tell you how *not* excited I am about moving to Texas. In the dead heat of summer. YUCK.
  • I've never been to College Station specifically as it's off most of the major highways and interstates. I had a few friends that went to A&M and loved it.

    I will say that's a nice part of Texas (yes, it's hot) but I live in the frickin' desert in West Texas where we get like a foot, maybe 1 1/2 feet of rain a year. Plus, you're not far from Houston, Austin and (my favorite) DFW. I'm actually super jealous as DH and I are longing to move back to that part of the state.

    If you ever travel up I-35 towards DFW, save calories to stop by the best Czech bakery in West, Texas (not to be confused with west Texas. )
  • the church my husband got his internship assigned to is apparently across the street from the main part of texas a&m, and they are providing an apartment nearby.

    i will def keep the bakery in mind... i can't resist fresh baked goods!
  • I don't know what you do for a living but if you end up working for A&M, I can tell you all about the ins and outs of state benefits.
  • currently i'm working a home business (i sell tastefully simple food products) because it moves easily and provides a decent bit of small income. we'll only be there for a year, so i'll probably get some temp job.

    our housing will be provided. furnished. utilities paid. hubby will get a decent monthly stipend, as well as other benefits. then 1 year later we'll be moving back to columbia SC. a permanent position for me is a few years away.
  • My son goes to Texas A&M, and likes it. Except for the water, you'll want a water filter for drinking and cooking. Groceries and gas seem a little higher there than the DFW area. No Aldi's there (yet, hopefully).
  • having lived in virignia beach and the DC suburb area, i think i'll find the groceries just fine heh. gas will be another story though. i'm in south carolina right now and they have about the lowest gas prices in the country!
  • I get to experience mt first Texas summer this year, too. Yay.
  • i can feel the excitement in your 'yay'...