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Hi there!
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Default My Legs and High Heels - Need an opinion.

I feel weird and kind of shallow for posting this, but I worked up the nerve to do it. So here goes.

I was just given these heels for free (fun!), but I haven't worn any this high before. I like my legs fine (they work great getting me around and all), but I'm afraid they're too short and chunky (I've got a long torso), and that my calves and thighs are way too big for me to wear heels like this. EVERYONE in my family has teeny, shapely legs. Not me. But I'm also the only overweight one...

I wanted to get an opinion. I'm going to try wearing the heels at some point no matter what (because it's a step or two outside my comfort zone, and that's supposed to be healthy - lol!), but I wanted a second opinion or two.

Do my legs look passable in heels? Or should I go with some cute flats and wait until I lose more weight?

I do try to dress appropriately for my body. I didn't so much when I was obese, but I'm trying to now. So if heels aren't it for me just yet, that's okay.

I knew I could come here for an honest opinion.

Give it to me straight, guys!

(the pic is a bit fuzzy, but it should be enough for an idea).
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I think your legs look great! Heels or not.
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You have very nice legs. I think you will look great in heels.
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If those were my legs, I'd totally show them off in heels.
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Are you kidding me? Your legs are fantastic! I wish mine were that nice!
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Girl, you have great legs! ROCK those heels!
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we're about the same in size and if I looked like that in heels, I'd wear them all the time. Your legs are so shapely!
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You can totally pull off wearing heels! Why wait, your legs are great!
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I am not trying to be nice or polite but honestly your legs look thin in that picture and I'd imagine heels will only elongate and help with the appearance of your legs. Your legs seriously look good, I don't even see fat on your thighs! Not fair When I reach my goal, I that's one thing I am dying to do...wear heels. Embrace it!
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Wear the heels, heels makes short legs look longer, and more elegant in my opinion. Your legs dont look fat or chunky at all. Wear them. If your not too comfortable wear them with some nice jeans! You've got this!
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Your legs are totally adorable. Seriously. And whoever gave you those amazing shoes for free deserves a big hug. You look terrific in those shoes.
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As someone with shorter and chunkier legs than you, trust me when I say that heels make your legs look a billion times more shapely and sexier than flats do.
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OMG, I'd kill to have your legs. WEAR THE HEELS! You look great!
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I WANT YOUR LEGS!!! Wear the heels! It would be a crime not to with your legs
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You have gorgeous legs! Definitely keep/wear those heels and go get some more!
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