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I think you posted the wrong picture bc I don't see any short or even remotely chunky legs hawt!!!!
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Hi there!
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Thanks, guys. The support really helps.

One of the weird and difficult things (as we all know) about losing weight is that it can be really HARD to not see ourselves as the same as before. It helps a lot when people take a second and reassure us that yes, there is a difference.

I really appreciate the support on this forum. From little things (like what my legs look like in heels - lol! still can't believe I actually asked...) to big, cosmic things like self-esteem or whether low-carb works.

But anyway, thanks again! I will wear the heels. I'll maybe even get some more at some point. I appreciate the comments - I do think I have a leg complex, maybe because of my family (the ones with itsy, lovely legs). One more thing to work on...


to everyone!

EDIT: Thanks again to everyone who made a comment. I really can't tell you how much it helps. Elliemar is right - it takes a while to get used to changes (good or bad).

And thanks for telling me it's not totally shallow to start this thread. And for reassuring me there's a difference, and to wear the heels (and advice on good kinds of heels!) if I want even if I'm not totally secure in my legs.

My legs aren't my worst area of insecurity, but they're one that's caused some of my most acute issues (due to several incidences). My WORST area is without a doubt my torso (but not my boobs). Back and gut are not pretty and are where I keep most of my weight. I'm a ruler-shaped body, I found out. Hurrah - I have few defined curves and I gain weight on my torso. Lol!

But, again, you guys seriously rock. It's nice to have support for even things like this. Maybe especially for things like this, sometimes.

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You've already said you're going to wear them but I wanna chime in and say you've got gorgeous legs, lady!
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Ted's Pants!
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Wear the heels! Generally, heels make legs appear longer and more shapely. They're a good thing!
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Honest to goodness, I think your legs look awesome and you have NOTHING to be embarrassed about. I know the feeling - my legs are my most critical area as well, but yours look fine, and 99% better than most of the population I see on a daily basis as far as legs go. Work them heels, girl!
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Two words: Killer gams.
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I concur with everyone else. Wear them.
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Look'a'those stems, girl!!! You are wear'n the **** outta those heels!!! - keep on wear'n'm!!! Feminine, fun, flirty, fantastic!!!
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Love the shoes and your legs look fabulous in them!! You two belong together LOL - rock it.
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Originally Posted by juliana77 View Post
I think you posted the wrong picture bc I don't see any short or even remotely chunky legs hawt!!!!
My thoughts exactly - my husband is fawning over my legs and keeps saying how nice they are and they aren't ANYWHERE as nice looking as yours are - like not even close!

Girlllllll..... tiny legs don't mean pretty legs - it's the proportion and the shape and the muscle definition You can have tiny legs or big legs, but if the proportions are right - they look great!. Yours look GREAT! (And, like my hubby, I am not one who will lie to tell you what you want to hear - I mean what I say!)
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you look great! your legs look really toned and I definitely say go for it and wear those heels girl! be confident cause you look great!
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IMO, your legs look more than passable -- they look great. Go for the heels!

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Originally Posted by chickadee32 View Post
OMG, I'd kill to have your legs. WEAR THE HEELS! You look great!


You have great legs! Work it!
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On the slow track.
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FWIW, I strongly believe that ALL legs look better in heels. You don't have to have legs as fantastic as the OP's to pull them off!
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If I had your legs, I'd wear shorts in the snow. We all have our sensitive areas about our bodies but I truly don't think your legs should be yours. They look fantastic!

I can't wear heels. I feel like I'm too heavy and they always kill my feel, my feet are different sizes and heels really need to fit properly and I'm very clumsy and would likely break my ankle or worse!
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