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Default Calling all Gardeners!!!

Itīs that time again...well, at least where I live. What is in, or going to be in your Garden this year? What type to do have (traditional, raised, potted, ect.)?

So far Iīve got going;

Purple and Green Lettuce

and soon I will put in some;


Last year my garden was so big with all this and Potatoes, inions, pumpkin. Just too much so a little smaller this year.
I also have a green and a purple fig tree, apple tree, yellow and purple plum trees, blackberries and blueberry bushes.

To me Gardening is the best summer activity. It is so relaxing, and I love to know exactly where my food came from.

So, what about you?
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Raised beds.

I have herbs still in from winter -- parlsey, thyme, rosemary. They survive fine here.

Took out the collard and brocc. Have to put in sugar snaps peas and tomato in.

Still thinking about what I feel like doing though.

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I am beginning to get the itch too! However, no veggies this year as we are going overseas for 3 weeks right when the crops would start to really roll in AND I don't want to have to burden neighbors or pay someone with watering. Lastly, we have a resident groundhog who ruined my mood last year as he devoured my tomatoes - even eating through a fence to get to it! Argh!

I saw the little devil this morning - I guess hibernation is over. His hole is in someone elses yard, but he goes where he wants... grrr...

Anyway, right now I'm watching the crocuses I planted this winter begin to pop up! Yay! And I see most of the tulips I planted this winter are beginning to pop their lazy heads too.

For this spring, I'll be planting a new flowerbed to the side of our house and maybe expanding the one in the front yard. And, if I'm really ambitious, I'll pull up the 3 layers of weed barrier cloth I discovered while planting in the HUGE side flower bed. I planted all the perennials last year and while planting I discovered they would never be able to spread because of all those layers of weed cloth - UGH. I foresee a very dirty and dusty spring! But gardening burns TONS of calories, so I'm all over it!
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I understand pesky rodents. Last year I had a little unkown guy eat EVERY single about annoying. He would wait until they were a few inches long and dig in!! This year I am putting them off the ground into big pots.

We are Army and in a rental here, so I donīt like to do too much planting, or spending money on things like shrubs or trees (that are seriously needed). I did put in over 100 bulbs though!. I canīt wait until I can buy my own house again and really gig into the yard! Oh, the life of an army wife!!

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This will be our first garden in the new house. So we will be building a flower bed. I can't wait to start. We still are buried in snow up in the U.P. though.

I bought some seeds already though.
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I can dream, can't I?
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I am getting the itch to dig in the flowers. Hubby is itching to work the garden. Last year was our first garden in several years. We put it in at daughter's farm since our home is in a wooded area and gets little sun.
I canned for the first time in many years also. Green beans, potatoes, carrots and lima beans. This year I would like to get enough tomatoes to can 2 years worth. That is what I did with green don't need them this year. It won't be long until time to plant potatoes. Hubby can't wait.

Edit: P.S. traditional garden varmints last year so we hope for clear sailing this year also.

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Raised beds, half of them inside a cage for the items that the critters would "share" us out of. One of the outside of cage beds is half full of the garlic we planted last fall. The rest of that bed will be beet greens, snow peas, green onions. The other outside bed will be potatoes. The inside cage beds will be strawberries, tomotoes, peppers, basil.

Plus big pots of herbs on the deck, many carried over from the winter and we'll be getting a few new ones at the Herb festival here in April.

Edit to Add: My avatar is from when we reclaimed lumber from industrial pallets last spring to build the beds.

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I caged in my tomatoes last year, and the herbs. However, I didn't think far enough. The groundhog looked at that nylons fence and said, "lunch!" and cut a whole through. I stopped taking care of the tomato plants aftere I only got 11 and he got like 30. I'm not growing them this yer but next time I do, it will be enclosed in some serious wire and tall enough to keep the deer out.
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I'm a bit weary to start a garden here in NM. I don't seem to have the green thumb down here being from MN originally. Things have to be watered a LOT here..and in reality the produce is really cheap here too....I would like to grow some tomatos for they are always better garden fresh....but first thing is first FINISH THE PORCH!
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I am in louisville KY. I do not have any gardening experience. I want to plant cilantro from seeds. Also all other herbs from seeds. I also plan to go out of town for 15 days in April.
I would prefer to get advice from all of you. Pl help.
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kon-fyoo-zed say it aloud
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i am so jealous of all you gardeners! it is my dream to one day have enough yard space (and stay in one place long enough) to have my own garden that i can baby from seeds. i remember the huge garden my mom grew every year when i was little. we always had string beans, squash, tomatoes, a variety of peppers, corn, zucchini, and cucumbers. can't wait to be able to have a raised bed of strawberries (nothing like fresh strawberries!) and a little herb garden i can just walk outside and grab a bit of when i'm cooking.

good luck to those of you with green thumbs!
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I bought stuff to garden last year, but chickened out of doing it. I'm still afraid of failing at it, but I'm going to actually give it a shot. I've gardened only a little, and it was with my parents' garden at the time. They decided they don't want a garden this year, so if I want fresh veggies, it's up to me. I'm going to be using a kiddie pool on my back porch. I'm going to drill some holes in it (still working on this part), and set it on top of an old tire I got from my dad, so it isn't right on top of the porch, and can "breathe". I might also make an herb bed, and get another one of those hanging gardens for tomatoes. I have one already, but I might use it for bell peppers. I'm going to try my hardest to be organic, and have already decided to use my Dr. Bronner's magic peppermint soap for an insect spray, which will be safe.

If my parents' permit, I may use a small patch of their ground to grow some root vegetables. My kiddie pool will be too shallow for them. I'm going to try my hand at some spinach, lettuce, arugula, bell peppers, tomatoes, and some other stuff.

I'm still a bit nervous. If anyone has any suggestions, or if it looks like I might be doing something wrong, let me know please.
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I'm in Texas and right now I'm starting the seeds in egg cartons and then will transplant them into a large pot...due to a dog who LOVE to run stuff over! I'm planning on doing squash, cucumber, dill, rosemary and parsley. If this stuff survives then I'll move onto a fall garden! I've also got some pepper seeds but they haven't come up yet so I don't think they are going to make it. But at least I tried! I'm used to planting everything in the ground so we will see how the pot thing works out!
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I have a South facing apartment patio and started my container garden last month. Yay for living in a hot climate .

I've got cherry tomatoes, strawberrries, yellow peppers, orange peppers, yellow squash, mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, and various flowers going. It's fun to work out there with the kids. Everything's really started to take off this week! We can't wait until we can start picking and eating!
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keep going
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Yay! I'm so happy to see this thread..

So far I've planted onions, garlic, potatoes, lettuce, more salad (the one that you cut bits and keeps growing), tomatoes should start coming up themselves! Hmm.. Wanna grow courgettes this year and a few more things. Maybe some peas but they got bad mould last year. I'm gonna plant lots of parsnips and carrots though.
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