What Causes Weight Gain?

  • Can we list all the causes of weight gain. It is better to list them all that we may able to get some good ideas to avoid it.
  • Eating more food than is necessary to keep us alive.
  • Eating without awareness or thought. All those little extra bites, tastes, and portions that are a bit bigger than necessary add up over time.
  • Eating because something tastes good, not because I need to fuel my body.
  • Emotional eating.

    DRINKING too many calories -- very easy load up on beverage calories rather than actual food that sticks with you longer.

    Not measuring out portions.

    Not reading labels and noting calorie density. (Very easy to eat 10 dried apricots. Harder to eat 10 fresh ones.)

    Eating something with a lot of sodium -- causes bloat.

    Time of the month -- causes bloat.

    Hidden health problem -- ex: hypothyorid, Insulin Resistance, etc.

    Food allergies/sensitivities -- causes bloat and other probs.

  • Hypothyroidism. Pregnancy. Cushing's Syndrome. Prader-Willi Syndrome. Tumor. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

    Edema from heart failure, liver failure (i.e. cirrhosis), kidney disease, kidney damage, lymphatic system abnormality, chronic venous insufficiency and other conditions can cause weight gain (due to water retention).

    Lots and lots of medications can cause weight gain (i.e. Prednisone, Elavil, Tofranil, Zyprexa, Depot Provera, to name a few).

    There are also a lot of psychiatric disorders that can lead to weight gain, but the mechanism of weight gain has to do with caloric intake and activity level.

    I'm sure this isn't an all-inclusive list, but I hope it helps!
  • Eating too much
    Moving too little
  • Eating more than your body needs to maintain its weight at that moment. Gets harder and harder with age.
  • Have you all noticed fast food places like 10-15 years ago a small size soft drink is now todays medium and a medium is now considered a large, etc. My hubby and I were talking about this the other day, for us we just over ate way to often. We knew we didn't need it but until we started writing down our calorie intake did we realize just how often we had been doing it. I don't blame fast food for me being this way, but at the same time it doesn't help when you order a large and its like handing someone 3 or 4 cans of soda(when you know you only need one for the meal), but most people don't realize that.