Sizing rings - when to do it?

  • I still have a bit to get to goal, but my rings are getting impossible to wear. I had, unfortunately, resized my wedding ring from a 7 to an 8 plus just two months before I started this weight loss. I have a couple other very important rings to me also in a size 8 plus. I haven't been able to wear those for months. On my wedding ring finger I have been a ring my mother in law gave me when I got married. It's a size 7, but it's also too big now. The stone keeps sliding around as a type. It fits mostly fine on the right hand (not quite as loose).

    I know I can get ring guard things to make them temporarily fit better, but at some point, I'll want to resize my rings, but when? What if I regain a little bit? What if I get arthritis or my fingers get bigger as I get older? I've already enlarged my wedding band once. Should I just buy a new band in the right size instead of cutting the band to make it smaller? Will my fingers get smaller by much in the next 15 pounds?

    I'm such a freak about things matching and looking nice, that I know I wont be happy with a plastic guard on my gold rings for very long, but I also don't want to spend money and find I wasted the $! What have you all done who have lost and kept it off?
  • I'm waiting until goal. The only ring I can wear right now is my solitaire. It's a 5.5 and I figure within the next month I'll have to take it off too. It's a bummer. I'm hoping they'll be another way to keep me in check. Rings getting tight? Time to reevaluate my current plan. We'll see though. I still have a long way to go.
  • Mine is a 7, and I've been debating this issue myself. They drive me nuts all the time, but I hate to take them off because I feel "naked" without them. I don't have a guard. Where can I get one? A jewelry store, I guess.

    I've been stuck at the same weight for months. I've really been putting some effort into losing recently, but I just keep losing and regaining the same 2 or 3 pounds over and over. I don't think it's meant for me to get to my goal. *sigh* Maybe I should just call myself done, and go have my rings re-sized.
  • I'm at this point to. Although, my rings are both 7's, and I never had them sized up.. I just couldnt get them off my chubby fingers at 279, LOL.. Now they spin when I type or they slide around when my hands are cold, which is almost all the time. I was just thinking about this the other day, thanks for reading my mind, berry!

    I do have a ring gaurd for the SS one, which I think stretched out over the years, but my wedding band is "okay"... In the next few months I'm going to have a pretty big problem, though. I really don't like not wearing my wedding band, because I too feel naked without it, lol... I'm going to TRY to wait till I hit goal. I'm okay with them being a wee bit loose, but not to the point that they shoot off my hands when I talk... I had that happen last weekend, lol.

    And they do sell ring gaurds at jewerly stores, but you can get them at walmart too, or even like those teenager stores at the mall, like claires or icing.
  • There are some things you can do temporarily before you do the full resize, such as get sizing beads, a band inside, or a guard ....

    I know this because I almost lost my engagement ring three weeks ago. (Luckily, I felt it slide off and managed to find it! But it slid right off my finger!)

    My rings are 5.5s, I'm betting my size is closer to a 5 now. I wonder if I'll hit that magic size-four zone once I'm done losing weight.
  • My wedding band kept sliding off but I didn't want to get it resized so I got another band (same width) in titanium just a bit smaller to hold it on. Just looks like a 2 tone band now and was super cheap. I don't want to resize my original band b/c they'll cut it and I just don't want that.
  • I can't imagine having rings so small! 6.5 is the smallest I've ever had and that was high school. Big bones, bigger hands I guess.

    Hmmm.... I didn't know about bands that fit inside the ring to make up the difference. It cost $75 to expand the ring a bit over a year ago because they had to cut the ring and add gold (it's 18 k).

    Do these bands that are inserted fit snugly? Are the welded to it in some way?
  • I wear a ring snuggie (I think that's the brand) that I picked up at Walmart in the jewelry department. It was about $6 for the package. My wedding set is very dainty, so I'm able to fit one plastic snuggie around both bands. My rings are a size 8, but my ring size is nearly a 6, so I definitely need to get them resized. I'm planning to make it one of my goal celebration rewards...along with a new right hand ring.
  • Like 4star, I just got a cheap second band to wear with my wedding band and hold it on. I had lost a lot of weight, but then gained quite a bit back after my dad died, so I was glad I hadn't had anything resized. I now have a new ring to wear with my wedding band after I get the weight back off that's a memory ring from my dad. Unfortunately, I have developed arthritis in my fingers in the last few months, so I have no clue whether I'll have to resize anything later or not as my joints are enlarging at a frightening pace right now, even while the fat disappears-go figure, huh!
  • This article explains the whole thing better!
  • Quote: This article explains the whole thing better!
    Cool! Thank you! Something like that might work for the rings for now.... Though I wouldn't want any of those forever I don't think as they all then hold the ring further from your finger and would probably be uncomfortable in some circumstances.
  • If your ring size has changed more than a size or two, having them cut the band or even reset the stones entirely might be a wise idea, as changing the geometry of the ring, itself, can cause some stones to become loose. I'm needing to make the same decision, and I am highly tempted to have them cut out the main portion of my ring and set it on a new, smaller band. Given that my old band has more gold than the new one and they get to keep it, the cost difference of the resizing is eaten up quite a bit. It really depends on your band design, but here a little of what I am talking about with mine:

    And here is the side view:

    With a ring like mine, the jeweler (Samuel Gordon - I highly recommend them if you don't have a local jeweler to do the resizing) made the ring out of several pieces - each stone was prong set and the prongs were soldered together, then that unit holding the stones was set on a band. Resizing it without changing the geometry of the stones and possibly popping them would require cutting the band section off the stone section and soldering a smaller band. It isn't the cheapest option, but a much better permanent solution and a fraction of the cost of the ring, were it to fall off my finger and I had to replace it.

    If you have an ornate band or stones bezel set direction into the band, itself, resizing is more complicated and the chance of popping stones much higher, but for settings like mine, at least, an experienced jeweler can resize it without changing the look of the overall ring OR compromising the design
  • Quote: Cool! Thank you! Something like that might work for the rings for now.... Though I wouldn't want any of those forever I don't think as they all then hold the ring further from your finger and would probably be uncomfortable in some circumstances.
    Yeah, it'll just be a temporary measure for me, since I still have a fairly significant bit to go.

    But I lost the fat pads at the backs of my fingers almost completely ... I can't imagine they'll be much smaller at the end.
  • Quote:
    Will my fingers get smaller by much in the next 15 pounds?
    I missed this part, my apologies! If you are sure your goal weight is just fifteen pounds away and you aren't known for either big knuckles or very slender fingers, I would just have the ring sized so that it was snug st your current weight, but could still be put on (with Vaseline or some grunting, whatever) as it is likely you might lose a millimeter or two more in finger circumference if you are losing another 5-10% of your body weight. So either get them sized snug and let them loosen with weight loss or just refrain from wearing them without temporary sizes until you hit goal. Your choice, either works fine.