Any pig farmers?

  • So I know this is really random topic... but I was googling stuff and I couldn't find anything so I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask here since we have such a wonderful melting pot of ladies here from all over the country

    My father in law has a pet pig which he bred with his neighbors pig from across the street. We've been excited waiting for the little piglets but today he came home to seven dead piglets. We don't know if they were stillborn or if she accidentally laid on them and they suffocated. He seems to now have convinced himself that she is still pregnant (she does still look huge, and she is laying down still, and she has fourteen nipples so she should have been pregnant with more). The few things he read online say that they have them all at once. Is it possible that she was so big that her body got rid of some piglets to save the others?
  • Sounds like it's time to call the vet.
  • I can't remember much, but my family raised pigs when I was in elementary/middle school, but whenever our pigs had piglets they would usually have them in one go. Did she pass the afterbirth? Maybe it got lodged inside her? That happened to a dog of my parents', and she died because it caused an infection, and my dad didn't get her to the vet fast enough. Good luck.
  • Time to call rhe vet.