Things no human being has ever said

  • So I was just watching a movie on TV and thought to myself... I bet no one has ever said

    Alien 3 was the best of the series.
  • Well, I can't quote verbatim, but one time I was going on a field trip to a mine site and scheduled to fly on a 31-seat Dash 8 plane, while several of my classmates were set to fly on the much smaller, more rugged Dash 6 Twin Otter plane. Being an aviation buff, I had hoped to switch planes because I had never been on a Twin Otter before and I like to experience flying in all kinds of planes. I am the only person (that I know of) who has ever flown and requested a downgrade.
  • "Dick Cheney is a superb hunter."
  • Quote: "Dick Cheney is a superb hunter."
  • Actually, my partner likes Alien 3 the best. I think he's human...
  • Go ask Tiger, he's married.....
  • "I think the Toronto Maple Leafs has a good shot of winning the Stanley Cup this season" Of course, everything I say and do always comes back to haunt me, so I guess I can reasonably expect the Leafs to win next June!
  • "I only watch the Super Bowl for the football."
  • "Phonebooth" should have won the Oscar.
  • "Julia Gillard is fantastic"