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Default Implanon/Nexplanon?

I'm due to have thee implant fitted next week and wondered if anyone on here had it and how it affected your weight loss?

I've been reading online research and patient reviews and am getting slightly concerned that its going to cause weight gain or simply stall my weight loss. At the same time, after reading the other side affects people have had (mood swings, really long, heavy, painful periods etc) I think that that is more likely to cause weight gain than a hormone all on its own, after all a hormone doesn't spontaneously cause fat, but if it makes it difficult to lose weight then i'm worried. When I feel like that I don't necessarily eat more but my calorie count goes through the roof and I don't exercise which = weight gain. My sisters have both had it and haven't experienced any side effects at all, but then they don't need to lose weight.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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i've had implanon for about 8 years now i think, but before that i was on the pill for 18 years, which i think is the same chemical ? So i don't believe it's affected my weight, but who knows.

Yeah, biggest drama for most people is erratic periods, but that doesn't bother me too much.
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Originally Posted by ange82much View Post
i've had implanon for about 8 years now i think, but before that i was on the pill for 18 years, which i think is the same chemical ? So i don't believe it's affected my weight, but who knows.

Yeah, biggest drama for most people is erratic periods, but that doesn't bother me too much.
There are different variations of synthetic hormones. Implanon uses etonogestrel, which acts as progesterone in the body (this is the same active drug used in NuvaRing). It doesn't contain any estrogens, which combined pills do, and the metabolite is different than what's in most birth control pills.

People react differently to different formulations (even inactive ingredients can affect how people react to drugs - something that a lot of people don't realize! this is why some people respond differently to brand name vs. generic or different brands of products). That's why there's such a wide range of reactions and side effects that are all experienced differently.

Overall it seems that most people have good experiences with it, so I'd give it if I were you. I was considering it a few months ago but decided against it because I have a major history of depression that's seriously affected by hormones and didn't want to risk it. You can always have it removed if you notice your weight being negatively affected (although I know that makes it less cost-effective).

There's also the consideration that it's the most effective birth control possible (more effective than even tubal ligation) and there's no possibility of use error (assuming it's placed correctly by the doctor).
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No, no no!!!! Don't get it! I've had a horrible, horrible experience with implanon. Like some of the others said, it's different for different people, but I'm due to get it out of me ASAP. And lucky me, I got it just before I lost my health insurance, so I had to have it for almost a year before I could get it out (I get my insurance back next week, thank goodness).

First off, the acne is terrible. I've always had clear skin, and it's just embarrassing now. Secondly, I bleed all the time. I usually get one month off, two months on my period. That's not a week a month, that's the entire month. Generally, it's only a small amount- just enough that I have to wear a pantyliner almost all the time, just in case. It is not fun to have to say to your bf, "just one minute," (... and in my head "while I remove my diaper") every, single, time. There's so little blood that it's not really a "flow," which means it takes the blood much longer to leave the body and by the time it does, it can often be darker and even smell bad. I was so worried about this I actually cranked out the money (without insurance), just to be told by my doctor that it was normal.

So I would highly, highly recommend thinking about it more. Even if you don't have any major problems with it, you really have to think about what the "erratic" periods would mean. When I got it, I was sure it wouldn't be a big problem- I mean, what's one or two drops every now and then? I should have listened when my doctor said I would be wearing pantyliners all the time. But the truth of the matter is, you always have to act like you're on your period. Think about what it means if TOM could come ANY/EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE. Special event? Surprise! It's here. No bathroom here? That's TOM's cue. You're either always going to have to wear a panty-liner, just in case, or you're going to have to check every few hours. And forget about wearing light colored bottoms, because you never know when or how much is coming- most of the time, it will be so little that a pantyliner should be fine, but sometimes it will surprise you with a lot more. Forget about cute undies, and run out and buy as many black period panties as you can afford! Implanon wants to make sure your toosh is always covered up with a pair of hideous period panties.

Think about what all this means for clothing, for intimacy, and for general cleanliness before you decide to let them inject it.

Also, remember the fun caution they give you about how difficult removal may be. Looking forward to that one soon.

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I can only speak for myself but since I've had the implant (almost 2 years) I have put on over a stone and a half. The awful thing is I actually eat a healthy diet and I work out intensely with kettlebells at least 4/5 times a week and I run.

I have a belly which I've never had before and massive spongy thighs! It's quite depressing to go to nearly 10 and a half stone from just under 9. It's insiduous! I always thought that people who blamed their medication/contraception etc. we're lazy with no self-control, well hello I'm an idiot! Medications and synthetic hormones clearly do not agree with some people! I am looking forward to being my natural weight again as I've had the implant out this morning, roll on 9 stone!
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