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lucky8 08-18-2011 07:52 PM

Need some advice on kids parties?????
Im a mobile spray tan and hollywood nail technician.
I am wanting to start pamper parties for girls aged 5-12 years and i will do a Teen thing also.

BUT im stuck on the whole prep...........im going to offer free goodie bags which will compliment mt treatments of spray tan or glitter nails or toes (which ever treatment they want)

Thngs ive came up with so far for the goodie bags are
1.flower bobbles
2.hair clips
3.gem rings
4. lollypop
5.other sweet

any ideas ????

sheramama 08-18-2011 08:19 PM

How about:

Kids body wash
mini nail polish/emery board
Anything pampering

Michi702 08-18-2011 09:46 PM

If you're anywhere near a Target, I suggest hitting up the dollar section there. You can find a rotation of most of these favor-type things there. If you do candy, you'll just have to be careful and let parents know ahead of time because some parents don't like their kids having candy and you also wanna be sensitive to any allergies the kids have. I think ring pops would be fun, or candy bracelets/necklaces. If you can find some cheap sets, maybe little travel nail kits; I have one in pink clear plastic that fits into my pocket and has a cuticle push back thing (yeah I'm so technical :P ), a nail clipper, tweezers, and a small file. If the girls are really young and might not have pierced ears, you could get the stick on earrings. I loved them as a kid but I realize that the trend in piercing girls ears while young is increasingly popular these days. Depending on how much money you have for these goodie bags, you might be able to get some cheap little purses to hold the treats (more for the younger crowd).

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