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Default Should I take the dare?

Ok, so my husband has dared me to eat a double cheese burger with fries and a coke for $1,000. He is dead serious and would give my the $$$ BUT first of all I am a vegan and have not eaten meat in 17 years. Second of I'm thinking about how guilty I would feel. I know its only one meal which would probably go right through me cause I haven't had so much fat in years!
I looked up where McDonalds gets their beef from and it said mostly from the USA and a small portion from Australia and New Zealand. Infact most of the patty is soy.
What would you do????
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Why would your husband dare you to do something against your beliefs for money? What does he stand to gain from you doing something you don't want to?

It's up to you -- just to let you know, I was vegetarian for 6 years and the first time you eat meat it will probably make you a little sick. I had grilled chicken and got nauseous. I can't imagine what McDonald's will do to you.
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I too am wondering, why the dare? Why doesn't he dare you to bungy jump or sing Karoke in a crowded bar?
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Honestly? I would go... "That's so weird. Isn't it all our shared money anyway? Why such an extreme number for fast food that goes against my beliefs? Is he trying to be controlling? What's he trying to prove here? For what?"

Because silly dares around here are just silly. Like "I dare you to dance like a chicken RIGHT NOW!" There's never any money involved and it's just goofy fun.

I have long stints of veg (ex: my pregnancy) and I'll tell you... even just doing the fries sent me to the bathroom. I can't imagine the load of a meal like that. Why would your DH mess about with your well being like that?


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I wouldn't do it.
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I would be concerned that I would be sick after since you haven't had meat in so long.
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You know what they say, "If he dared you to jump off a bridge..." I agree with everyone else above. Don't do something that's against your own beliefs for money. You won't be happy with yourself. (All of this advice qualified by my full disclosure that I'm a vegetarian and have very strong opinions about the consumer mindset that plagues our culture, etc. )

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I didn't eat meat for about ten years. The first time I ate beef- it made me quite sick, and my stomach felt like someone had ripped it in half. (and I had lean steak) Be aware that it may be a verrrry unpleasant experience.
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Disclaimer: I am a vegetarian due to ethical reasons.

If I had a husband or boyfriend who ever suggested that seriously, they would no longer be my husband or boyfriend. You say you would feel guilty, so I assume you are also at least partly vegan for ethical reasons. Ultimately it is your decision, but I would not do it.

Also, I agree with the above posters. If you do do it, be prepared for a very painful night. Your body is not going to like it.
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I'm also wondering why he would do this. I wouldn't take the dare, and I'd be angry and hurt that he even suggested it.
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I have the same thought as astophe... Do you and your husband not share finances? What does it mean that he would "give" you some money? Isn't it yours to begin with?

Also, this dare sounds sick. Does your vegetarianism make him angry?
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If you do decide to go ahead and do it, just make sure that he still gives you the money if you can't keep the food down.
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This seems really weird to me. I know guys dare and bet each other to do all sorts of crazy stuff, but this seems really, really odd.

To ever dare someone to go against their strongly held beliefs, shows a deep disrespect for those beliefs.

It may not be meant with malice, but it still doesn't reflect respect for the beliefs. Maybe he thinks (as many non-veg people do, even some who try very hard to be sympathetic) that veg*ns "don't know what they're missing."

But that's not a very good reason, you might think a nun doesn't know what she's missing, but would you dare her to sleep with a random guy in a bar (and would you expect her to do it, if you did).

The money issue is also disturbing, where is the $1000 coming from, and how is it not yours already? If you split the financies or keep them seperate, or somehow share the money equally and this is coming out of "his" share, that's one thing. But if he works and you stay at home or work part time, or if he makes a lot more money than you, and he doles out money to you like a parent doles out an allowance, that's another possible warning sign of disrespect. If he sees the money he earns as "his" and his alone, or as something he gets to be in complete charge of because he makes the money (or most of it), that's not a very adult relationship.

It also makes me wonder why this particular dare. Is he threatened by the veganism or by the weight loss? Does he think that your lifestyle is unhealthy or harmful physically or psychologically and is trying to manipulate you "for your own good?" (While that might come from a heart in the right place, it's childish and again bypasses respect. A respectful person deals with issues head on, he doesn't try to manipulate you to do what he thinks is best for you).

I am NOT saying he's a terrible guy. I don't know enough about your relationship to lay all the blame on him. For all I know, you may have been using unfair and manipulative methods to attempts to "convert" him to a vegan lifestyle, and this might be his way of trying to give you a taste of your own medicine (if so, it's still childish, but it would mean you both have issues to work on to have an adult relationship).

It is very difficult to build a successful marriage when the partners have very different and even opposing beliefs. It becomes impossible if one or both don't respect the other's beliefs.
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I'm with everyone else... utterly confused!

Why is he daring you to eat food? Does he recognize what being vegan means to you? And, why is he daring you to eat food? Where is this money coming from? ... And, did I mention, why is he daring you to eat food?

Maybe we're missing something...

Taking it exactly as you have explained it, though: No, I would not compromise my health plans or my beliefs for cash.

$1,000 won't cure guilt. In fact, for me, it'd likely compound it.
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My husband and I make silly "bets" with each other all the time so it doesn't sound all that strange to me. If I was vegan because of some deeply rooted ethical reasons, I wouldn't eat a burger just to win a bet. However, if I was vegan simply for health reasons I'd break my diet for one day. Like others have mentioned, you'll probably feel really sick afterward, but it may be worth it for $1,000.
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