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Talking Who is your idol?

First off I want to say that I do not believe that we should all look at magazines and wish that we had the same body as famous people (most of them are photoshoped anyway). I do, however have someone that I would love to look like or at least get compared to LOL. I think that Megan Fox is beautiful, her face is just gorgeous, with or without makeup. She's a little too skinny though. And also JWOWW from Jersey Shore haha, I know she had a lot of surgeries but she's still pretty!! Who do you guys think has a perfect face/body? Once again, this thread is not intended to offend anyone, I'm just wondering what your "idols" are

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I think that Jackie Warner, the celebrity trainer, is definitely my idol. She's athletically-built and has an absolutely amazing body - fit and toned. She's also boyishly-shaped like I am so seeing how great she looks without many womanly curves makes me proud of my body shape too.
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Running for my life
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Kaley Cuoco from "The Big Bang Theory"

She's got a great figure, not too skinny, quite athletic. I think she's really beautiful.
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When I think of idol, I think of someone's character or what they've done, so Eleanor Roosevelt fits that description for me. But I sure don't want to look like her at any age!

As for who I would love to look like? Well, isn't that hard to say? I could say some gorgeous black model, but I'm a white girl with blue eyes and I have nowhere near the shape or height to be a model!

So, I just want to look like the best me I can be!
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Need to stay motivated!!
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Zuzana from she has a very toned body!
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all these TV shows and people i've never heard of..............

...............i need to get some more TV channels lol
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Knocking down walls.
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There aren't really any women that I aspire to look like or be compared to. There is a guy I know who is very slim and (I think) attractive, and on whom I have a crush (). Sometimes it motivates me to take better care of myself when I imagine what sort of shape I'd need to be in for someone like him to be interested in me. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not losing weight for this guy - it's a completely platonic relationship with no chance of ever being anything else. Also, I suspect I like him better on the little pedestal I've got for him than I would if he were by my side. But it can be a useful motivational tool when less superficial things like good health and more potential earning power just don't cut it.

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Easy. Dara Torres.
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my mom
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89lbs going, going...
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Christina Hendricks, Nigella Lawson, Marilyn Monroe.
Even when I was super skinny I still had hips and I never will have a super toned body, it's nice to see curves can be healthy.
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Shakira and Beyonce.
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I'm also a white girl who happens to admire the body of Rihanna. Actually, my hubby thinks I do have a body type like hers. Let's hope he's right!
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Releasing the inner hiker
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In terms of appearance/fitness: Petra Kolber.
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Eliza Dushku, all the way. She's athletic, not too skinny, and oh-so drop dead gorgeous, lol. She also just always seems so relaxed and at ease in photos/interviews.
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