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Gotta Lose to Win
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diva mentality,
loud people,
people who sound 'wet' (if that makes sense. always like they have some water or something in their mouth),
groups of cackling women who stop in the middle of the isle for NO REASON other than to hold up traffic,
some peoples laughs,
when my husband and i go to his parents house and my father-in-law tells me to watch the kid, -_- really?!?! DUH!!! im gonna watch the kid. i hate that he talks to me like im a child myself,
i could go on and on haha......

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Cheese Lover! :)
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People that say "Chewsday" instead of Tuesday, or Cue-pon instead of coupon. Or malk instead of milk. Hahaha
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People who rsvp that they are coming...and then they don't Needless to say,I have a ton of food here right now that will probably go to waste
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This is a great thread.

I hate that typo's - even obvious typo's - make me feel like I look stupid.

Reapeated - i hate that typos eve ovbiour typose make me tool stioopid.

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I can dream, can't I?
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Grown people who babytalk.
Parents who let their children run all over a restaurant. If I want a child hanging on the back of my chair I will go visit those children I love, thank you very much.
Thong underwear showing....ewww.

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Getting sick or injured and not being able to work out.
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People that drive with their pets in their lap. How can that not be dangerous when the yappy little thing is jumping around while you are operating a ton of metal going over 50km an hour!?
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Knocking down walls.
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People who choose to assume that others' imperfections and struggles are the result of a lack of moral fiber and/or selfishness, and who respond by being outright abusive, passive-aggressive, or deceitful because they do not know how or cannot find it in themselves to be non-judgemental, compassionate, patient, and appropriately communicative annoy me. I should probably have more compassion and be less judgemental.

ETA: I suppose it might also be easier to make such strong negative judgements about the motives and abilities of others because doing so essentially absolves the person doing the judging from a)doing anything about the problem (if there is one) and b)taking responsibility for his/her own thoughts and feelings. It's the difference between saying "I love you, and I feel extremely concerned about your health when I notice how much weight you've gained. Are you concerned about your health or your weight?...What can I do to help you?...I know it might be hard work for you to get where you want to be, but I know you can do it and I'll be here for you." and "You're lazy and selfish! If you cared about yourself or me, you'd get off your fat *** and drop the weight like those [highly supervised] people on TV do! How can you expect me to care about you when you obviously don't care about me?!"

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I'm Defying Gravity!
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Originally Posted by sarcasticpanda View Post
People that say "Chewsday" instead of Tuesday, or Cue-pon instead of coupon. Or malk instead of milk. Hahaha
I have to pay close attention to how I speak, or I will make those mistakes. I blame it on the accent and on the other southerns around me (like my mother). lol.
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That when I get a text, my android signals me with that gooofy smiley face - even when it's an abusive, bullying message from my ex.

Yeah, like that made me smile.
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One day at a time
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100+ degree weather...ugh, it's H-O-T!
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Okay I will be mean. Something that annoys me is when people clearly make themselves fit into a skimpy size 4 when they obviously wear a size 18. There are ways to look and feel good by dressing appropriately. If they feel good by dressing like that then hey more power to them.

Drivers on their cell phones and driving like a nut.

When your waiter keeps asking you how things are every five minutes and in the middle of you chewing your food. What's up with that????

People who do not wipe down the machines at the gym after using them. arrghhh this really makes me cringe.
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I hate when trying to merge onto the freeway and the person I'm following refuses to get up to freeway speeds. I get it on short merges...but really, I drive on a freeway that has a lot of semi-trucks and when they refuse to speed up past 40MPH, I almost always have to dodge trucks to save my life.

When students come up to me three days before the quarter ends and go "what can I do to get a D?". Build a freaking time machine and do your work from 6 weeks ago?

When people come over to my house and change the tv channel.
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One day at a time
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Obnoxious tourists! In my defense I am a tour guide at a museum in a seriously tourist infested part of the city, and sometimes I just want to scream and rip my hair out because of them. Maybe the questions are nonsensical, or they act bored throughout the entire tour, or they seem to be working very hard to make me look stupid, whatever it is there are days when I hate everything and everyone! I know, dramatic.

People who are rude to waiters etc: Nothing mortifies me more than rudeness at restaurants. Especially when it comes time to tipping. I tip 20% always, I don't care what anyone says. I find it both uncomfortable and inappropriate when people you are dining with quibble about money/service/tips at the end of a meal. This usually ends with either me secretly leaving a greater tip, or just giving up an paying for the entire meal. I will say, though, that this has resulted in me being well-beloved at most restaurants I frequent.

The "I know everything about being healthy" mentality: As someone who has read countless books on weight loss/fitness nothing irks me more than the oh-so-helpful skinning friend piping in their advice. I am by know means omnipotent on the subject, and I'd bet my bottom dollar that they aren't either!

Rude Children: Look, I'm 20 but my Mama made sure I say please and thank you. When parents allow their children to run around acting like wild animals, I cringe. Whenever I babysit (which is quite often), I'm sure to be something of a disciplinarian. I once actually had a mother admonish me for making her son say please! And another time a different one asked why I didn't let her child watch some television show, and when I replied and told her it was because her daughter was being rude and sassy, the woman was flabbergasted.

HOMONYMS: When people write 'of coarse' I think my eyes actually bleed.

These are just the few at the top of my list, I am quite easily annoyed....

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