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Haha -- drives me crazy! I want to send them back to 2nd grade.
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Tattoos on women, lol...(that doesn't annoy me by the way, just struck me as funny why it would annoy someone. Besides, I hve 4 and plan 4 more!)

...people who judge others
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Originally Posted by Michinmn View Post
I believe this is not the law in any state, but again, each state is different.
Quick topic jump: It is the law here in Oregon. Use the left lane to pass only. Otherwise, get your sorry butt back into the right-hand lane!!
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Originally Posted by raebeaR View Post
Quick topic jump: It is the law here in Oregon. Use the left lane to pass only. Otherwise, get your sorry butt back into the right-hand lane!!
That's the law here in PA too. It doesn't matter if the person who is wanting to pass you is speeding, you are still required to pull over and let them pass. I might add that if that person is tailgating to try to get you to move over, they are also breaking the law and can be ticketed.

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Evidently here in southern California it is quite all right to drive 50 in the fast lane....

as all the cars pass you...

as long as you are texting on your cell phone.
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Jehovah's Witnesses that don't give up and don't listen to reason.

I'm not religious. I'm agnostic, I don't believe in anything, yet I understand that there is a small (tiny and microscopic) possibility that there is some sort of higher power. Science has yet to disprove all religions I'm sure it will one day get there, or... who knows... maybe it will prove the existence of a god or gods. Or come up with enough evidence to lead to a strong conclusions.. as of yet, it hasn't. Either way, don't BULLY me into your beliefs. I believe you have every right to believe what ever you want to believe. I believe at this point in time no one is "wrong" and no one is "right." It's all really a mute argument if you ask me. Faith can be pretty, and it can be down right ugly. Just don't come to my door, and tell me that it's a FACT that all life is created by your God and then get all huffy if I DARE question anything you say or tell you I AM NOT INTERESTED IN HEARING ABOUT YOUR RELIGION!
*huff huff*
I just don't like the bible thumper types. If I wanted to know, I'd ask. If you knock on my door and ask if I want to hear about Jesus, and I say "No thanks," that means you reply with: "Thank you for your time, have a nice day," and MOVE ON!

Canvassers that try to get you to spend $35 a month or so on any project.

I'm so sick of someone jumping in front of me as I'm biking/walking down the street and asking me if I have time for the environment/children/economy/etc. If I'm kind enough to stop and listen, then go ahead and say your piece. If I have questions, ANSWER THEM! You're the expert, I have questions about your program. If I'm going to put money to anything, I sure as **** better know where it's going, what it's doing, and that it's safe. It's my hard earned money, I don't want someone to pull me aside and tell me about starving kids in Africa, have me donate money and then find out that the vast majority of my money paid off some corporate CEO or "campaign funding" for some mayor. I want to know that the money I donate is going to help the starving kids in Africa. Every cent of it.
If I don't want to donate because I honestly don't make a lot of money, I don't have money, or I don't like your program. Don't try to "guilt" me into anything. "OH! Well, you can't afford it? I mean... come on.. how much was that cup of coffee you were holding? If you quit coffee you could spend money on my program!" You know what dill-hole, this coffee is free. I get it from a friend, and even if it cost me a few bucks I don't get it often. I don't really indulge on life and can't afford the things I feel I need and really want... btw, how much are they paying you to stand here and guilt people like me into giving you money?

Men that whistle, make sex noises, or obviously objectify you.
You would think this would be a compliment... but it's not. It's creepy when a random guy tilts his head in an obvious way and says something completely inappropriate like "MMMMMMMMMMmmmm, I'd sure like to tap that! Gurl, you and me should go in the alley for a few..."
Kill me. Shoot me... LEAVE ME ALONE!
I really hate these guys, because no matter how you react, you're doomed.
If you tell them "no" in a kind way, that just means follow me a few blocks and chase me into something public the whole time trying to grab me or "convince me" you'll be the best I'll ever have.
If you say "no" in a rude mean way. Then it goes from "sexy mama" to "I'm going to hold you down and hurt you." They'll follow you a few blocks making more and more vulgar comments until you can escape into a public place.
If you ignore them, then they follow you for a few blocks threatening you because you're "so rude" and all they want to do to you is [fill in the blank].
No matter what I do to these guys... or how I react... they harass you, scare you, and follow you around, sometimes they even get a little physical. It's NOT ok.

Pan Handlers that get mad at me when I don't have anything for them.
I don't carry cash. If I do, it's for something specific (Like for getting quarters for the bus or something). I've been mugged a few times and you never get your cash back. So I don't carry it. Needless to say, I don't give money to bums on the street. I've given an apple a few times, or left overs, but never money. And I hate, HATE, when some beggar calls me names, charges me, or throws things because I say I have no cash. I also really hate when they continue to whine and follow me complaining about the government or something.

Petitioners that don't get to the point and get upset when I don't agree with their petition so I won't sign anything.

Don't ramble on to me about the 1920s or something off topic that sort-of-not-really has something to do with what you need my signature for. Time is precious to me. If you want something signed and I agree with it, what's a signature? If you want something signed and I'm like... UGH! I HATE YOUR IDEA! Or Law you're trying enact, I'm not signing. I listened to your speil, I considered the out come, I made up my mind, I'm not signing. Go bug someone else.

I seriously don't answer my door anymore. My friends will call or text if it's them, and I know if I've ordered food and am expecting it. Anyone else... LEAVE ME ALONE!
I avoid people on the street. I wear a head set of talk on the phone a clear sign of "Don't Talk To Me."
I use to be nice, now I have no problem telling someone to shove off if they annoy me. I use to be all apologetic or tried to bow out gracefully, now it's the sharp "NO!" and a book it out of there.


I can't wait to graduate so I can move out of the inner city area (school and work are down town, I don't live in a bad area, I just commute to one). People are jerks, creepy, and rude. I'm a nice person... I swear! I just get sick of the harassment.

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Not being able to finish my book!
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judgemental, unforgiving and heartless people...oh and add a side of manipulative...
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When people crack their knuckles and when people pick their scabs.
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