So, has anyone here or know anyone that has had/have Bell's Palsy?

  • Hey all! I'm currently struggling with Bell's Palsy and it...SUCKS. I was diagnosed a week ago. If you don't know what BP is...

    Bell's palsy is a disorder of the nerve that controls movement of the muscles in the face. Damage to this nerve causes weakness or paralysis of these muscles. Paralysis means that you cannot use the muscles at all

    My smile is so crooked, it's crazy. I don't think I have it as bad as I've seen on others because I can close my eye at night. However, my eyes don't tract together like they're suppose to! I got this because of stress and lack of sleep. A month ago my boyfriend and I broke up and I was dwelling on the relationship for so long that my body just couldn't take it it made me sick..literally!!

    I was just wondering if anyone suffered through this and how did you get better? I'm taking my meds that my doctor gave me and I'm also taking B12 Vitamins and also thinking about getting some B6 Vitamins since I heard those work as well.
  • I had it, maybe 10 years ago. Scared the crud out of me!! I think I tried pred b/c they wanted me too. I had it for 3 weeks, which I guess is REALLY short term. I didn't even eat well then!! I just had to laugh at myself. Every day we would eat out, we'd do the straw test....could I drink on that side without leaking yet?!?

    I think I had it because it was the first time I had a cold sore (herpes virus). I lost 10 lbs with the cold sore, then it commonly goes to the facial nerve, and WHOMP! Facial Paralysis.

    Best wishes, and may you have patience!!
  • Both an aunt and a nephew had this condition ... I don't remember how long it lasted, but they both recovered fine. I hope you will recover quickly; best to you!
  • Thanks guys! I'm really hoping to recover quick because I want to go out and live life but my self esteem is so low that I can't possibly just go out there looking like this!
  • My husband had it about 5 yrs ago. His mouth was totally twisted to the side like he had a stroke. He was given a steroid and something else I wanna say an antibiotic and in a couple of months he was back to normal. Sorry you are going through this. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
  • I had it for about a month a few years ago. Not so bad that I drooled but bad enough that I had to tape my eye shut at night to sleep

    I ate a high protein diet to recover: the facial nerves regenerate at the rate of about a millimeter a day, so whatever I could do to speed it up, I figured that might help, heh! Also my doc prescribed an antibiotic, an antiviral and a steroid (for the swelling of tissues). I got plenty of rest, and did not work any overtime at all after speaking with my boss about the diagnosis and how it was stress-induced.

    Rest up, eat healthy and take your meds & vitamins, and I hope you heal up quickly!

    ETA: Other good things to take to help heal nerves include: St. John's Wort (note: reduces birth control effectiveness/use backup method while taking), Vitamin C up to 5,000mg/daily, Evening Primrose Oil 4,000mg/daily, B-Complex Vitamins 150mg with extra B6 500mg/daily.

    Other healing tips: Avoid alcohol, and focus on relaxation through meditation/massage/etc.
  • They thought my husband had it, but it turned out it was an allergic reaction to meds, I had never heard of it before that..there was a customer I used to talk to on the phone that had it...they closed the store she worked in, so I havent talked to her in a very long time.