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Default Im 18, 5'7", I weigh 75-78kg and I want to lose 20kg...what will i look like?

Soo...basically I weigh 75ish kg (about 165pounds?) and want to lose 20kg (i think thats about 44pounds?) I am wondering what i will look like after this happens? I am aiming to do it over a 3/4 month span...will i be toned or will my skin sag?

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100% certain the answer will be....

...we don't know!

We don't have a crystal ball, and we can't see into the future.

There are areas on the boards that deal with things like Exercise (which can help you build muscles and look..."toned"...) and issues after weight loss which might help you learn some things about skin sagging, etc.

Every human body is different and reacts differently. You'll just have to find out as time goes on.
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