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is chubby
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Wink That unspoken problem!

I notice that people rarely speak of one of the biggest issues when it comes to slow weight loss: constipation. This seems to go to such a length that most of my heavier friends didn't even know that fixing that problem can actually jumpstart their weight loss.
It is true though that a large portion of the female population mostly suffer from chronic constipation, which makes you gain/lose slower weight.
Since I recently went to a doctor about a similar problem I will share my experience even though it might be a topic most of us would avoid.

Constipation can be caused by too low water intake , too low fiber intake , too low fat intake, drastic changes in one's diet, IBS, too little excersize, too much meat in the diet, too many starchy foods in the diet (and many more reasons).

If you have bowel movements less than once per 24 hours you have contipation. It doesn't necessarily have to be painful. If you have such a problem I advise you to see a doctor about it. It helped me lots!
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I eat tons of fruit and veggies. I have a large salad every night with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, avocado, spinach and red/green leaf lettuce. I also eat fruit for breakfast and lunch (usually pears, oranges, watermelon). I don't get constipated now. I used to be prior to changing my eating habits to a healthier lifestyle! I suggest these natural changes first and doctor if that doesn't help because you are right--if you are constipated it will make your weight loss slower.
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Talking aka: the TMI thread?

I suffered from constipation all my life until I started re-evaluating my eating habits and incorporating fruits, vegetables and whole grains into my diet (10/2009).

Nowadays, I definitely think the high water/tea intake, dietary fiber, daily exercise and plenty of sleep has made me super regular when it comes to pooping

It's weird but I am SO happy for regular bowel movements that this journey has been worth it on THAT note alone.
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Not me, I talk about poop/lack thereof nonstop!

I was never constipated a lot until I started eating better/exercising more. Then I wasn't so much "constipated" as I just didn't need to "go" more than 2-3 times a week. I'd sometimes go 5 days without a BM.

Somehow in the past week for seemingly no reason, I've become very "regular," going almost daily. The only change I've noted is warmer weather - food is about the same.

The body is a mysterious thing!
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I take flax seed oil pills every day. It really helps to keep me regular. The women in my family have always had constipation problems. I've found that it really helps without causing any problems. Hope this helps
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I talk about this too, but I'm a huge fan of TMI

Thankfully, I am only constipated as a pregnancy symptom in the latter half. Otherwise it is pretty much unheard of for me, who knows why?
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This has been a problem for me for a long time. Doc said he thinks that scar tissue from my c-sections healed to some part of the bowel, basically growing attached and pulling my guts out of place. My mom has also had chronic constipation for over 20 years.

I have tried pretty much everything I can get my hands on. Stuff works temporarily and then my body gets tolerant. I took prescription polyethelene glycol (sp?) for a few months but gained quite a bit of weight and had to stop.

I was told if that is in fact my issue it could only be corrected with surgery and there's a chance I will just form more scar tissue from more surgery. I've opted not to. I went so far as to schedule a colonoscopy to figure out what the problem is but I was terrified of the procedure and chickened out at the last minute.

I do find that making sure I get plenty of fluids and fiber helps somewhat. Best thing I think I've tried is natural senna leaf powder, comes in a capsule form I buy at walgreens called Super Colon Cleanse. A random old lady in the laxative section saw me browsing and recommended it lol. I'm always a little embarrassed to buy it.

If we are really gonna lay it all out there, there is another even more disgusting topic that both compounds and is the result of chronic constipation-hows that for a double edged sword-hemorroids! I have lived with that misery since the first time I was pregnant.

WAY TMI, sorry :-P
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Ah, and just because you don't go every day does not make you constipated. People just have this thing drilled in their heads that they "need" to go every day, but it's not true. You are constipated if you have difficulty passing a stool.

Here are some links:

For me, I go about once every two to three days. I eat a lot of fiber. I drink a lot of water. My normal (when I'm not over eating) is just every 2-3 days. I do not strain. I don't have to sit and sit and it all goes and looks as it should. So, I'm not constipated even though it's not as frequently as wives' tales say it should be.
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Dragon lady, I also have post-surgical adhesions (fancy words for that scar tissue) and they're not fun. I lived in pain for 12 years thru my 20's and into my 30's. I had my last major surgery almost six years ago, and the problem has been kept mostly at bay. I deal with short term acute pain when I'm constipated or trying to move very solid waste thru my bowels. It's no kind of fun. :-(
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im fairly regular. only times ive had an issue where when making something super cheesey (before i started losing weight) now i got at least 2 times a day if not fiance on the other hand can go a week to a week and a half without going! id go crazy without going lol
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