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Default Looking for recommendations for a new magazine subscription?

Hi All,

I am an avid reader -- I love reading books, of course. But, I also really like reading magazines and newspapers.

I really want to subscribe to a magazine that can give me new ideas on workouts, nutrition, fitness, and general women's health. I know there are a bunch out there -- women's health magazine, shape, self, health, and weight watchers. Are there any good ones?

Ideally, the magazine would offer some new ideas related to health -- but, would not have too much airbrushing and unrealistic depictions of beauty. Because, that might have a negative impact on my body image...

So, I'm looking to you all for ideas -- Do any of you subscribe to any magazines that you find helpful and informative??
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My favorite magazine is Oxygen. It is a great magazine for those who want to get toned and build muscle. What really impresses me is that there is really a ton of info in there about how your body works building muscle and burning fat on a cellular level and how to fuel your body to get maximum performance. I haven't found that in ANY other ladies fitness mags I have read. As a matter of fact, I am trading my other fitness mag subscription for an Oxygen subscription and I am also getting a subscription to the magazine Clean Eating.
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I am a magazine junkie so I subscribe to almost all of them and my current favorites are Health and Fitness.

Fitness has been my long-time favorite for about 12 years, but with the semi-recent new editor, it's even better than before.

I just started subscribing to Heath about six months ago, and I love it! Much more realistic than all the other "fitness" magazines out there in terms of subjects, actual fitness information and models. It seems to be geared towards 25-30+ crowd IMO.

Natural Health is another great one, although it's more about total health in the most natural, organic and green way possible.

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I subscribe to several magazines...self, health and shape to name a few. They all offer a lot of diet plans, receipts and exercise routines. To be honest they are all pretty much the same magazine offering up the same basic advice so I would save your money and just subscribe to one of them.

As far as the photos and air brushing issue well that is a problem here. It was funny when i read your post it was great timing I have been off sick from work and decided to read that stack of magazines i havent had time to read and as I was flipping the pages i was thinking i am never going to look like this and thats ok. I would have to say the average age of the models is probably 18-22 and I am 44 and I have been obese since high school so realisticly I know im not going to look like that however its still a little off putting to see this stick thin young beauty with long flowing hair and blemish free skin and thing well unless i find a wish granting genie on the beach!

Id recommend going to the store and selecting a few and read through them before you pay for a subscription. Subscriptions are pretty cheap right now so take advantage. Good Luck.
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I like Prevention
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I love Whole Living, it used to be called... Body + Soul. It's a martha steward production so there is a lot of that going on in there- but it's health, green living, exercise, recipes, articles of interest - i think it's a pretty varied and balanced magazine and i like it a lot.
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Clean Eating. Wonderful!
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