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Default Compliments that have stayed with you

I have read several threads lately about some absolutely AWFUL comments people have made to our chicks here, so I thought I'd start a thread of positive comments people have made that you've never forgotten. Here are mine - they both go back a few years, but I remember them like they were yesterday and smile whenever I think about them:

1) A male subordinate in work told me one night that his old supervisor(the man I replaced) told him after he interviewed me that I was hot. The feminist part of me was offended, but I I couldn't help but be thrilled.

2) One of my teachers at the gym told me that I was gorgeous when I moved and that I must have been a dancer.

What are your favorite compliments?
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I've had 2 people recently tell me that I have great posture!! So silly but I loved it!
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I love this idea. This week I have really needed to focus on positives.

A co-worker told a parent yesterday that I'm her favorite sub to work with. Another co-worker said today that I'm great to work with. I know it sounds superficial, but it was really nice to hear.

Sometimes little comments like that mean so much!
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What a lovely thread! My most treasured compliment was when a friend told me that I really look like, carry myself like and remind him of Olivia Dunham (played by actress Anna Torv) from the tv show Fringe. He then went on to elaborate about how it's not just that I look like her, although he kept insisting I do even though I don't really see the resemblance, but that my personality, mannerisms and the way I talk remind all strongly remind him of Olivia. This was a huge compliment for me because not only is Olivia gorgeous, but she is also extremely kickass and strong. Since then, he has continued to tease me about her, and whenever I wear my hair a certain way he will always say "you look like an even hotter Liv today". It's funny because usually I find it silly and kind of sycophantic when people try to give compliments by saying "oh, you look just like this celebrity!". It's like wouldn't it be more of a compliment to say that you look like your beautiful self than to compare you to some over-primped, likely partially-plastic fame figure? In this instance though, the compliment was just so sweet and genuine that I melted. I was so flattered that I ended up dressing in an Olivia DUnham costume for Halloween.

Looking forward to hearing others' compliments!
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A couple weeks ago I put on my old uni (crew uniform) for a lark while I was working out in our living room. A uni is basically all spandex, one piece forming a tank top and shorts - it leaves little to the imagination. My husband looked and me and told me that I looked cute and that I "have a nice figure." He had never used that phrase for me before! I appreciated it so much!

I lost 40 lbs between Nov 2010 and Nov 2011 doing low-sugar for my "50 Pounds in 50 Weeks" project. I bounced halfway back up so I'm back for more!

I blog about personal finance at Evolving PF
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Last year I confided to a fellow volunteer that I had lost 10lbs! She looked startled, and said "I didn't think you needed to lose weight!" I've always felt like I'm so overweight that is perfectly obvious to everyone that I SHOULD lose weight so why wouldn't I be trying. Everytime I see her I get a morale boost!

On the internet no one knows you are typing with your beak.

An exercise in futility still counts as exercise!!

"There's a pattern to the randomness!" ~ Artie ~ Warehouse 13

"That's the only break you get, so I hope you enjoyed it" ~~Cathe, STS, Meso 2

"Weakness is hard, but weakness doesn't have to mean defeat!" ~ Lysa TerKeurst
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Once, long, long ago a summer roommate, we weren't even friends, told me, "when you wear make-up, you have the prettiest face I've ever seen."

It was such a random compliment... we were having some roommate issues, she was pretty and I could tell it was so heartfelt. I love the 'when you wear make-up" part, but it's true, I am super, duper fair with blonde eyelashes, so I do need some 'help' to bring out my eyes... though I do it very sparingly. That's the best compliments for looks I get.

For 'achievement stuff, probably the best compliments that I eat up and keep close to heart is that several people have told me, in different time, events and years that I'm an excellent, motivating public speaker. That makes me feel so good because I'm usually very passionate when I give a presentation.

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Not sure if this counts, but on vacation this past December, I got carded twice. I'm 37!
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I am having brain surgery on Wednesday to correct a broken lead.

I was at the neurosurgeon yesterday and I overheard him say to the Medtronics tech, "no, she doesn't need pre-op work, for Christ's sake, she just ran 13 miles".

Made my day.
Maintaining goal weight since March, 2011

My goal story:
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best compliment i ever got - a woman i worked with but didn't know told me i had found the PERFECT shade of lipstick for my coloring and it looked great... and i wasn't wearing any!
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I get asked all the time if I am wearing green contacts. I don't and my eyes are naturaly green.
Tonight I got a great compliment! These two ladies told me I had a great personality and was very chatty and helpful, and they could see I cared about the buisness even though it wasn't mine. Oh and I had great eye contact too. lol Made my evening!
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some random girl told me i have nice lips lol very weird, but a great compliment!

Finding Eternity Arouses Reactions, Freeing Excellence Affects Reality
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