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Default Gluten sensitivity? (WARNING- TMI)

today i have had bread at breakfast, pasta at lunch and more bread at dinner, so lots of gluten (and way too many carbs but thats not what i need help with just now, i dont normally eat like that). and ive had major stomach cramps, feeling queasy and diahorea (sorry!!!) could this be a sensitivity to gluten? my mum has IBS but apparantely gluten sensitivity can often be mistaken for IBS. i dont normally eat so much bread and stuff, some days i dont have any so its not something ive experienced before. i havent had any meat today so i know its not undercooked chicken or anything like that, and i only went shopping yesterday so i know none of the food is expired. can anyone give me any advice, am i being a hypochondriac? thanks and sorry again.
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You might want to go get that checked out at the doctors. sometimes food is a hit or miss with me. I can eat something and not have anything wrong with me then a day later eat the same thing and I have a tummyache or have to poop or something. Doctors is your best bet to go see that way you know for sure and you're not guessing!
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I don't know if I have a problem with gluten or not, but wheat does the same thing to me. Seems like I will be in the bathroom all day the next day if I have wheat the day before. Also, I have a problem with Spenda and other artificial sweeteners.
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Booze always did that to me!

The stomach bug is going around here...I felt the same way a few days ago. It was over in about 24 hours.

If all else fails, don't eat gluten for a few days and then do a repeat of how you just ate. If the symptoms come back avoid gluten and try it again in a month. If it comes back again...avoid gluten
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From what I understand, gluten sensitivity isn't based on the amount you consume. You don't have to have a large plate of pasta or have bread at every meal to trigger it. You could avoid all wheat, barley, and rye but still get a reaction from the soy sauce on your veggie stir fry because most soy sauce contains wheat.

So unless you do this all the time, it probably isn't related to the gluten in your foods. If you think you might be gluten sensitive, you can go gluten free but it could take a month or six months before you see improvement. It's also very difficult, because there's no such thing as low-gluten. Either you consume it or you don't. It hides in everything, even many vitamin tablets, and even trace amounts can set it off.

Otherwise the problem is probably something else. It sounds like a stomach bug. Hopefully it will be over in 24 hours!
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I'm grain-free, but I was still having problems. I stopped using Splenda, and things have improved. I agree, it's hard to go grain-free, but I feel a lot better. It does hide in everything, too. You are right.
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