anyone had to give up alcohol...........

  • while having to lose weight??? i am having the hardest time. i like to drink flavored vodka and club soda. i know this add extra calories as well as triggers junk food cravings on the weekends. anyone in this situation, or have been in the past and had conquered it??? i know me wanting to be healthy and lose this weight should take priority over my drinking, but it just seems like the one thing i can enjoy, i dont smoke, and i am trying not to eat junk and lose weight. i cant give everything up at once. any suggestions or advice would be apprecited, good or bad. i wont take offense to anything, i need help with this. thanks.
  • I'm not a drinker, but I did drink quite a bit the year I lived in England (when in England... ) But haven't had anything since my return. I know it is high in calories, and a lot of people retain water. When I drank, however, I always noticed a drop in water. Of course that doesn't mean a drop in fat, and the excess calories would only add to that.

    I'm assuming you don't have a drinking problem, you just enjoy the drinks like a treat, right? Have you tried setting limits? Such as only allowing yourself a specific amount of alcohol per week, and reducing that amount just a little each week? Or how about a trade-off... Exercise a set amount of hours during the week, to earn the alcohol on the weekend. Possibly burn an extra 1000 calories to allow for it.
  • thanks suzanne, they are some great suggestions, no i dont believe i have a problem, as i dont need to drink everyday. i also notice sometimes a drop in water weight when i drink , but then the day after, i eat a bunch of junk and gain it back. i will try your suggestions , thanks so much.
  • Well....
    I haven't had a drink in 15 years but that's another story for another webiste...

    however, this is what I know about the calories from alcohol based on a recent nutrition class I took in college.

    Whereas, regular carbohydrate items have 4 calories per gram of weight, protein has 4 per gram, and of course we know fat has 9 calories per here's the rub...

    Alcohol has 7 calories per gram even though it's a carb and is metabolized as fat by your liver. That is why people who tend to drink too much get the beer gut even when they don't eat.

    Additionally, alcohol dehydrates the body, and that is why initially your water weight decreases.

    Occasional cocktails are not going to do much harm weight wise, but several will be hard on your weight and harder on your liver in the long it makes your skin wrinklely because it acts as diuretic and takes alot of the surface moisture from your skin...

    Hope this helps! Take care.
  • it helps alot thanks for the info. wow no drinks for 15 yrs, i hope i can do that someday. thanks guys.
  • I was drinking about 2 glasses of wine a day, in the evenings after work each day and of course more on the weekends. I stopped 11 days ago and haven't touched it since and still have some in the fridge. It simply becomes a bad habit after a while and part of our routine..........I come home from work now and drink 16oz. of water right away and enjoy my pre-workout snack.I then begin my workout and run on the treadmill, after doing this I don't want to put that in my body and ruin my whole workout. It's just a habit, try to create a healthy alternative. It wasn't that difficult for me and I hope it won't be for you.
  • thank for all your responses. since i posted this i was still drinking. the last time i drank was sat night. i just want to stop drinking on the weekends, cause that is my only time i want it or when an occasion comes up.

    wonder women congrats on your 11 days without a drink, i know it will help you get to goal and be healthier. you are right it is a habit now. i need to break the habit. i will keep you posted. i too am starting a new excerise routine this week, and so far so good, i am sticking to it. i have kept 11 lbs off of the 13 lbs i lost since sept 23. so i am hoping to move forward and be at goal by june.

    good luck to all.
  • Hi!

    I just found this thread and feel the need to post a reply.

    For me wine and beer where like some people's chocolate and ice cream. I hadn't seen anyone else mention this!!! Anyway, I have greatly reduced my alcohol consumption over the last two weeks. I play cards on Monday nights. I now have that as my drink day. I had two glasses of wine. I felt so guilty even though I budgeted them into my calories for the day.

    I think alcohol is a major weight loss deterent.
    #1 It slows your metabolism...
    #2 It confuses your blood sugar level by sending out a burst of insulin and making fat burning inefficient
    #3 It has more calories per gram than other carbs
    #4 Increases appetite...especially for snacky foods
    #5 Makes it impossible to exercise...who can run or would want to run 2 miles after having a glass of wine? NOT ME!

    This time around I will loose weight because I am not drinking. I have lost 6.5 pounds in my first two weeks. I am in the Valentine's Day challenge here and hope to weigh 157 on Feb. 14th.

    Good luck and happy losing!!!!



    "all glory comes from daring to begin"
  • thank you for posting and congrats to you for your weight loss and controlling your drinking. i just drank too much again on sat night at a football game party. i felt like crap the next day and yes it made me not excercise. everything you listed is true. i have lost 15 lbs since sept 23. i will continue to try to not drink so much or quit altoghter. good luck to us all.